Alex Rider Season 3 News, Exciting Updates on Alex Rider Season 3

Alex Rider Season 3 News
Image Credit: Alex Rider TV

Alex Rider Season 3 News: Alex Rider is a spy series that has already released 2 seasons. It’s been over 2 years since the final episodes of its second season were released, and there were no updates on Alex Rider Season 3 for quite some time. However, recently, some exciting updates have emerged for this series, which make it seem like the new season might be available to watch soon.

As viewers of this series will know, it is a spy series based on a spy novel written by Anthony Horowitz. This series depicts a group of young adults who form a group of spy agents and undertake some extremely dangerous missions.

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Otto Farrant portrays the lead role of Alex Rider, who is depicted as a teenager with a sharp intellect. He is selected through special operations and is known for his astute mind. This series, written by Guy Burt, was first available to watch on Amazon Prime. Subsequently, its second season was showcased on Amazon Freevee.

Is Amazon Freevee Shutting Down? What Does It Mean for Alex Rider Season 3?

Alex Rider Season 3 News
Image Credit: Alex Rider TV

Rumors are circulating about the potential closure of Amazon Freevee, and since the second season of Alex Rider streamed on this platform, there might be concerns about the possibility of not seeing a new season of Alex Rider. However, the makers of Alex Rider Season 3 have confirmed that even if Amazon Freevee shuts down, it won’t pose much of a problem for the series. If Amazon Freevee does close, Season 3 of Alex Rider will be released on Amazon Prime in its place.

Amidst such rumors, TVLine has confirmed, “Have no fear, season 3 will still see the light of day, presumably now on Prime Video.”

What to Know Before Alex Rider Season 3?

Alex Rider Season 3 News
Image Credit: Alex Rider TV

While it has been over 2 years since the release of Season 2 of this series, if we talk about the making of its Season 3, filming for Season 3 had already commenced in October 2022, and production for Season 3 was completed by the beginning of 2023.
In the final episode of the second season of this series, titled “Strike,” Charithra Chandran, who portrays the role of Sabina Pleasure, returns the stolen thumbprint that was taken to ensure her safety. This act brings the character Sabina Pleasure and Alex Rider closer to each other.

Amidst all this, the villain of this series is double-crossed by Yassen, who then tells Alex Rider, “Find Widow, Find Scorpia.” Due to the excellent work of this spy team, a member of MI6’s rival team, Jack Starbright (Ronke Adekoluejo), is appointed as Alex’s legal guardian.

The second season of this series commenced in December 2021, consisting of a total of 8 episodes. It proved to be quite a hit series. However, since the release of Season 2, there have been no updates from the makers regarding the release date of Season 3. But with the recent news surrounding Alex Rider Season 3, it seems that the third season of this series will be available to watch soon.

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