Berlin Cast Netflix Season 1

Berlin Cast Netflix Season 1
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Berlin Cast Netflix Season 1: It’s been almost two years since the Money Heist series ended, and now, after two years, the Money Heist spin-off Berlin is coming back on Netflix. Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, is going to be seen on screen once again after Money Heist.

This series will be based on the time line of Berlin’s past, as Berlin dies in the last episode of Season 2 of Money Heist, so beyond that, there is no story left related to Berlin, hence now whatever happens in the Berlin series. What will be shown will be related to Berlin’s past.

There are going to be a total of 8 episodes in this series, and all these episodes will be released on Netflix on December 29, 2023. With the release of this series, a new gang will be introduced, and some new cast members will be introduced. Along with new characters, some old cast members are also returning in this series who have previously worked in the Money Heist web series.

Pedro Alonso as Berlin

Berlin is a character in the Money Heist web series released on Netflix who has played a very important role in the series. He is the brother of the professor, the mastermind of the current thefts, who gave up his life to save his team in the last episode of Season 2 of Money Heist.

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Berlin’s character is a bit typical because it is not easy to understand. The reason behind it is that he wants to follow his plan, and his thinking is a bit old-fashioned, but his way of working is liked by all his team members. Except for a few women, because his mentality is not good towards women.

Begoña Vargas as Cameron

Cameron is the last girl to join Berlin’s team, and you can guess her character from the fact that she is somewhat similar to Tokyo from Money Heist.

While introducing her, Berlin tells his team that she will work for our SA intern. Many bad things have happened in Cameron’s past, and for that, he has been kept in a mental hospital, and now, because of this, Berlin includes him in his team.

Michelle Jenner as Keila

Keila is an important member of Berlin’s team who is very intelligent; she stays away from unnecessary work and keeps her full focus on her work.

She is very good in nature, and at the same time, she is the smartest in terms of technology. Give it any work related to hacking and technology, and it will complete that work very easily.

Julio Peña as Roi

Roi is also an important guy in Berlin’s team, a criminal who has expertise in playing any type of lock. A lock opener is very much needed for any theft, and Roi is doing this work in this series.

Roi is very focused on his work and follows the orders given by his boss very honestly, but he gets some big hints from Cameron, which can create problems for him in the future.

Joel Sanchez as Bruch

He is also a member of the Berlin group, and every group definitely has some members like Bruch.  He seems to be a bit of a psycho who stalks all the girls and talks dirty to them.  He also disturbs Keila in his own group a lot and keeps asking her useless questions. Overall, he is a crazy boy who talks rudely with girls and wants to sleep with them by any means.

Tristan Ulloa as Damián

He is one of the most important members of this entire group and is watching this entire team after Berlin. Although he is a professor, his mind is more focused on theft than anywhere else.

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It decides how to plan and what precautions to take. After Berlin, he is the second-most powerful member of this entire group. It makes all the rules as to how the plan is to be executed.

Samantha Siqueiros as Camila

Camila is the wife of the head of the house from which the Berlin theft was planned. When Berlin and his team install CCTV in Camila’s house to keep an eye on her husband, Berlin falls in love with Camila and is ready to risk his plans for her.

Irziar Ituño as Raquel Murillo

Raquel Murillo has been seen in Money Heist and is a police detective who is called to investigate at the time of Money Heist, and she is once again seen doing the same work in the Berlin series, but this time it is not until the period that the professor is found and it may be recalled from Berlin for navigation.

Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra

He is also a detective, and looking at the trailer, it seems that he and Raquel Murillo are very good friends. Well, a lot was seen between Alicia Sierra and Raquel in the Money Heist web series, and now it remains to be seen how much importance they have in this series.

She will also handle Berlin’s team, and along with Raquel, she will try to catch Berlin and his team.

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