Berlin Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Berlin Season 1 Episode 1 Recap
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Berlin Season 1 Episode 1 Recap: The Berlin web series has been released on Netflix, and all its episodes have been uploaded simultaneously. There are a total of 8 episodes in this series, whose length is approximately 40 to 50 minutes. Its first episode, titled The Energy of Love, is very similar to its episode name.

In this episode, matters related to love are shown more, and all the new people in Berlin’s team are introduced. At the same time, it all starts with a small theft related to carrying out a big theft.

Berlin Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Berlin’s third wife leaves him, after which he gets an option to steal to calm himself down and goes for that job.

There are a total of 4 people in his team, of which the first is the team leader, Berlin, a mastermind. Professor Damian, Keila, an engineering graduate who is an expert in hacking, Roi, who has been stealing since childhood and whose specialty is stealing, and Loylity. It remains Bruce, who is very good at controlling anything. With this team, Berlin enters a house to commit a small theft that has expensive antiques from all over the world, and Berlin and his team go there posing as police, and on the pretext of searching his house, they take a valuable item from the house and leave, saying that he is not a policeman. After taking a valuable item from there, they all start on their mission. When Berlin goes to his team members to understand his plans, he introduces a new member of his team named Cemeron. Cemeron has a very dark past and has seen a lot of bad things in her life, after which she joins Berlin’s team. The cup that Berlin stole from the rich man’s house is worth about 40 thousand euros.

Berlin and his team plan to rob a house where a lot of jewelry from many of the royal families of Europe has been brought, and there is only one way to reach that house, which is the way normal people go there. But it is impossible to steal from there because there is a very high security system there, due to which it is almost impossible to steal anything from there.

Berlin and his team go to a church with a tunnel leading to the house where all the jewelry is kept. These people go to that church and inform the father there that they have come on behalf of the government and that there is a possibility of finding treasures under your church.

Hearing this, the priest of that church becomes very happy and agrees to the excavation, and according to Berlin’s plan, they bury the royal cup below in his church and dig it out in front of the priest, which makes the priest happy and agrees to further excavation.

Now the Berlin team is busy digging. The house where all the jewelry is going to come is called the auction house, and the director of this auction house is Francois Polignac, who knows when all the jewelry will come to this auction house. Francois Polignac is a man who knows when all the jewelry will arrive at the auction house.

To keep an eye on Francois Polignac, the Berlin team installs CCTV cameras everywhere in his house, takes a room in the house right in front of his house, and finds out what is going on in Francois Polignac’s house and what he is talking about. Are listening to everything.

At night, when Damian and Berlin are watching the CCTV of the house, they talk to each other about a lot of things related to love, and their talks show that both of them are yearning for love and that they both have different views on love. There are thoughts.

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After Damian leaves, Berlin watches the CCTV alone and sees that Francois’ wife does not sleep, and at night she gets up and dances, and at night she leaves the house and goes to the club. Following Berlin to the club, he sees Francois’ wife, Camille, meeting her friends and having a great time. Seeing all this, Berlin becomes very attracted to Camille and falls madly in love with her. And now he abandons his mission and goes after Camille.

The next day, Berlin waits for Camille, and when she goes out to a bar, Berlin also goes there and tries to impress her because Berlin knows everything about her, from the songs she likes to the songs she likes. Books Berlin talks to Camille about whatever she likes, due to which Camille gets a little impressed by him but, in the end, leaves the place without even seeing him.

Camille has to go to a concert where she wants to go with her husband, but her husband refuses to go with her, and Berlin listens to all this sitting in his house and starts making plans to go with Camille himself.


Before Berlin goes to Camille, the priest comes to the church and starts talking about taking away the cup. He brings with him two people who look very dangerous. From there, the priest starts going to Spain with the cup, which kills Berlin’s entire team because if he takes this cup to Spain, then Berlin and his entire team will be caught.

Berlin is saddened by the fact that he used to go to the opera with Camille, but now he can’t because if the priest reaches Spain with the cup, the police will catch Berlin and his team.

Berlin becomes very angry and tears the priest’s photo with his hands, which clearly means that he will kill the priest.

The episode ends with this scene. In this episode, all the characters have been talked about in detail, and also, like the title of this episode, The Energy of Love, this episode talks about love, which really has so much strength that it cannot be destroyed without any effort. One is ready to go to any extent, regardless of anything.

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