Berlin Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Berlin Season 1 Episode 2 Recap
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Berlin Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: This is a very interesting episode because everything that the public normally expects from a web series is seen in this episode. Action, thrills, and romance are seen in this episode.

Episode 2, titled Anchor and Lobo, starts from the same point where the episode ended. In Episode 1’s Past, When Berlin Has Two Ways Left Whether it’s Camille Polignac or Stop the Priest who is carrying the royal cup stolen from Berlin to Spain, one way was its love, and the other way was its many years of planning and its team. Berlin, without thinking, goesto Camille Polignac.

He is so madly in love with Chamille that he is ready to jeopardize his plan. He meets Chamille and convinces her to go to the opera with him, and on the way, he tells her that he recently got married and doesn’t want to be around any girls right now. But whenever I see you, I find myself, and I can’t stop. They talk a lot on the way and understand each other well. Camille finds Berlin quite interesting because Berlin knows everything that Camille likes.

Berlin had told Roi, even before going to the opera, that you should go and snatch the royal cup from the priest and bring it back to me. When Roi goes to get the keys to Bruce’s bike, the key is with Cameron, and when Roi asks Cameron for the key, Cameron tells him that she also has to go with him, and she will help Roi steal the bag from the priest. Now Roi and Cameron go to the priest, who is standing in the way and is preparing to go to Spain.

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When Roi goes near him, he sees that both the bodyguards of the pastor are there with him. Now, as soon as Roi takes the bike at speed, he goes towards the pastor and tries to snatch the bag, but the pastor does not leave the bag. He drags the pastor along with the bag and goes away for some distance, and then the pastor’s bodyguard attacks Roi and Cameron, due to which both of them fall from the bike and start running away in fear of those bodyguards.

Both of them are able to escape from those bodyguards with great difficulty, but in the meantime, they cause a lot of damage, like many vehicles, a wedding, and the royal cup, which they had gone to steal. They cannot take it from the bodyguards. All this happens with Roi and Cameron, and Berlin, on the other hand, remains lost in his own world. He parties and dances with Camille all night long, and while returning, Berlin gives his number to Camille and goes to his hotel. Bruce goes to Keila’s room and tries to talk to her, but Keila is not at all happy with his way of talking because Bruce always talks vulgarly, which Keila does not like at all.

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When Damian finds out about Roi and Cameron, he meets them both and tells them that the priest gave the royal cup to us himself and left because he thought it was safer with us. The next day, when Berlin is sleeping, he gets a call from Camille, and they both come to each other’s balcony and start talking on the phone, trying to learn about each other, and Camille is very happy about that night.

Which she is telling Berlin about. After disconnecting the call, Berlin is very happy, and he is expressing his happiness to Roi when Camille comes to Berlin’s room and knocks on the door, which scares Berlin because if Camille had walked into Berlin’s house, she would have seen everything, including how Berlin was keeping an eye on her and her husband. Berlin opens the door a little and, after convincing her of his words, keeps her standing outside and does not allow her to enter the room.

When Camille starts to return, Berlin goes near her and kisses her. Now everything starts going well in the story; on the one hand, Berlin is having the time of his life with Camille, and on the other hand, his team is digging to complete their task for the heist. In the midst of all this, Keila is telling Cameron about her feelings for Bruce. Bruce and Roi arrive, and later they all dance together and drink alcohol.

After a few days, these people dig and reach the safe where all the jewelry is kept, and now they just need to hack the CCTV and somehow get inside. To divert the attention of the guards from the CCTV, these people send Bruce as a food delivery man, in which the food is very dirty and the entire food is cold, after which the guards get busy arguing with Bruce, and at the same time they get the opportunity.

After finding it, Keila and Damian enter the anti-chamber and hack the CCTV there, and as soon as Bruce realizes that the work has been done, he walks away from the bodyguard. Now, when the bodyguard looks back at the CCTV camera, Keila has already seen him, and the bodyguard is now only seeing a dummy image of that room.

After completing so much work, Berlin and his team are very happy, and now Berlin tells his team members that they are going to carry out such a big theft that no one will hear about it. This episode ends, and it was one of the best episodes of this entire series because action, thrills, and romance were all seen in it.

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