Berlin Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Berlin Season 1 Episode 3 Recap
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This is a series based on theft in which Berlin is shown in the lead role, which is a bit difficult to understand. In this episode, a lot of effort has been put in to carry forward this man’s plan because Berlin does not make any kind of compromise regarding his work, but here he is taking a lot of interest in his love life along with his work.

Episode Title and Number

Episode 3: “Full House of Embryos”

Berlin Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

The beginning of episode 3 is quite interesting, and it starts with the same lines when Berlin is telling his team members what to do next in the plan. All the members are listening very attentively to Berlin’s talk when suddenly Bruce gets up from there and starts wandering here and there, and in a drawer lying nearby there are some suitcases lying on them, seeing which he becomes happy and says, Hey, Sampin is also kept here.

Berlin doesn’t like Beuce’s actions at all, and he asks Bruce to drink the entire bottle of Sampin alone. Bruce is very scared at that time, and somehow he finishes the bottle. Berlin gets angry with his actions and makes everyone understand that if someone does not pay attention to the plan and someone makes any mistake, then because of the mistake of this one person, we all will rot in jail, so there is no scope for mistake here. Everyone will pay attention to the plan from now on.
Keila has already hacked the CCTV, and now all of them together have a plan to go inside that safe. Till now, no jewel has been found in that safe, but still, these people want to go inside it and see whether everything is working properly or not. Berlin sits in his room and keeps an eye on Camille and her house. On the other hand, Damian and his people get ready to go inside the safe, and they cut the outside of the safe with a sharp cutter and then go inside the safe.

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The guards are unable to know all this because everything appears normal on their CCTV monitor. Damian and, along with Bruce, Roy, and Cameron, go to that vault and tell Berlin that we have reached the vault. Keila is managing all this from outside the vault. Berlin’s mission is half successful because now they have to wait for the bass jewelry. As soon as the jewelry is kept in this safe, these people will go back inside and steal all the jewelry.

Now everyone gets busy partying, and Berlin goes to meet Camille at a hotel, where they both become very romantic, and then Camille’s husband arrives there, which leaves Camille completely stunned. Berlin tells Camille that the team should go meet him and tell him that you met an art dealer who is very rude and has no manners to talk. Camille meets her husband and tells him the same, after which Berlin deliberately talks to both of them quietly so that the matter can be resolved quickly and things can go their way. Because of this behavior of Berlin, Camille and her husband leave, and after that, Camille meets Berlin, and they both laugh and enjoy themselves a lot.
Berlin is enjoying Camille, and the rest of the team members are sitting and talking among themselves. Damian’s wife calls, and they both start talking, and then Damian’s wife says to Damian that she doesn’t want to stay in this relationship anymore. Damian is completely broken after listening to his wife and tries to convince her, but she has already decided and has found someone else, and now she wants to walk away from this relationship completely. Damián is very sad about this, and he does not even eat or drink well.

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After this, Cameron goes to Damián and asks him the reason for being sad, and he tells him that his wife has left him. After this, both of them talk to each other a lot and share each other’s experiences because both of them have been betrayed by their loved ones.Berlin is sleeping with his girlfriend Camille when he gets a call from his husband, and his husband says that he has read your mail and that he knows that you are in a relationship with the man you met in the restaurant that day.

Camille is completely broken after listening to her husband, and now she is feeling very guilty. She asks Berlin to leave from there, after which Berlin leaves from there and is very happy to get out because now Camille’s husband comes to know everything, due to which Berlin thinks that now Camille’s husband will leave Camille and she will now become mine. He comes out and calls Roi and tells him everything, after which Roi tells Berlin that he will have to return tonight itself because the theft will have to be done tonight only. In fact, all the jewels that were supposed to be in that safe have already arrived, and now is the opportunity to steal the jewels that Roi has called Berlin.
Camille calls Berlin back to the hotel and tells him that I love you, but I cannot betray my husband, and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Hearing this, Berlin gets angry, but he loves Camille so much that he cannot do anything, even if he wants to. Berlin leaves to visit his team members and, on the way, calls Roi to tell her everything about how Camille is leaving him and choosing her husband. Berlin is very angry and tells Roi that he will ruin Camille’s husband. With this, this episode also ends. This episode was also very interesting because everything unexpected was happening in it, and until the end, something happened that no one expected.

Character Development

In this episode, a lot of importance has been given to the relationship between Berlin and Camille, due to which the character of Berlin, the lead role of this Syrian, is built very well. The way he manages his mission as well as bonding with Camille is quite interesting to watch.

Along with Camille, all the characters are being managed well, and the way they all have their own different characteristics, which they are using in this series, is really interesting to see.

Cinematography and Visuals

All the shots in this series look very beautiful. The way it has been shot is a very interesting way to make any scene interesting. This episode was full of thrills, due to which visuals play a very important role, and the visuals and cinematography of this episode are quite good.

Soundtrack and Music

The soundtrack of the Berlin series is quite good, and it should be because it is a spin-off of Money Heist, and the music of Money Heist was very good, which was liked by the people. It is not as good as Money Heist, but its music and sound track are quite good because whenever there is a thrill or action scene, it manages its sound very well.


Its episode number 3, Full House of Embryos, was a good episode in which all the plans made by Berlin, who is the lead character of this series, worked very well. In between, there are some moments that make us feel that perhaps Berlin may have to wait some more time for his mission, but as we all have experienced with the character of Berlin in the Money Heist series, he is ready to wait for his mission. Laker never compromises, which makes him the best leader. Overall, this was a good episode.

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