Berlin Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Berlin Season 1 Episode 4 Recap
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This episode is the middle line of the entire series, which is a combination of the upcoming 4 episodes and the previous 3 episodes. In this episode, Berlin and his team succeed in carrying out this mission, but even then, they are not able to stay away from the dangers. Almost all the people on Berlin’s team start doing such strange things after the theft that the lives of all these people come into danger.

Episode Title and Number

Episode 4: “An Aquarium on Your Back”

Berlin Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

The episode starts in a very angry mode where Berlin is going back to his team after breaking up with Camille, and he is planning to kill Camille’s husband on the way because he is very angry. Berlin reaches his team, and for the theft, everyone reaches the turner from where they are going to go inside the safe.

Keila hacks the CCTV and plays normal videos on it, which makes the guards think that everything is fine inside, and Berlin and his team go inside while Keila is operating all this from outside. Francois Polignac, Camille’s husband, is also in the same auction house where all the jewelry is kept. Francois is signing some documents and is near the guards when Berlin and Damian start arguing inside the safe.

Damian has recently gone through a breakup, due to which he is very broken, and in the meantime, Berlin is having fun with someone else’s wife, due to which Damian feels that his wife left him because of a man like Berlin. .

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All this creates anger in Damian’s mind, and he starts arguing with Berlin, saying that you are a cheap man, sleeping with someone else’s wife, and spoiling someone’s relationship, when Berlin can no longer bear it and When Damian is speaking directly to him, he pushes Damian, causing a loud noise in the safe, due to which Francois doubts something, and he asks the security, but the security tells him that everything is fine inside.
Francois still has doubts and sends security inside, but due to Keila’s cleverness, they escape and steal all the jewelry from there and manage to run away.

Berlin and his team make everything as normal as before so that no one doubts that someone from outside had come here, and all suspicion falls on Francois Polignac.

After the theft, Berlin makes a plan to take revenge on Camille’s husband, Francois, in such a way that everyone thinks that Francois is the one who stole everything.
Berlin puts some pieces of diamonds in Francois’s house and also places some of his hair in such a place that everyone thinks that Francois has committed the theft.

Now Berlin and his team are almost away from all the problems when Bruce remembers that his bike is still inside those bodyguards, and Bruce has given his real ID for this bike, so if later there is an investigation, Bruce may get trapped.

Bruce and Keila go to the warehouse, where the bike’s documents are kept, to erase all the details related to the bike. Both of them secretly go inside, and Keila tries to delete Bruce’s documents, but due to some glitch, she is not able to do so, and then some security people come there. At first, Keila gets completely scared of those people. She says that I joined this office only today, and there was a lot of work, so I came to work at night only.

Keila tries to delete Bruce’s passport, but the system hangs and powers off, after which the security bends down to turn on the system and sees Bruce hiding there.
The episode ends with this scene.

Character Development

In this episode, there is more focus on some new characters, like Francois Polignac, who is Camille’s husband, and after watching some of its scenes, it becomes clear that this can become a problem for Berlin and his team in future episodes.
Some good bonding between Bruce and Keila is also shown, and along with all this, the characters in this episode were seen yearning for their old love.

Cinematography and Visuals

All the scenes in it were praiseworthy. The way they have shown all the scenes that took place near the safe looks quite interesting, and there has been no carelessness at all.
All its scenes are paced in a very interesting manner, which acts as medicine for the audience.


This episode also proved to be a good one, in the conclusion of which it comes out that Berlin and his team feel that now, after carrying out the biggest mission, they will be able to enjoy the rest of their lives, and then nothing like this is going to happen. Because now their problem is going to increase even more.

Looking at its last scene, it seems that if Bruce or Keila are caught, then all these people will be jailed for 20 years. This episode tells about the twists that will happen in future episodes. The matter has progressed a lot, and it is a bit difficult to wrap it up now.
Overall, this was an interesting episode, and now its upcoming episodes can be even more interesting; looking at the end of episode 4, it seems so.

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