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Superman Man is an American superhero film based on the comic book. The director of this movie is Zack Snyder, and the movie’s producer is Christopher Nolan. The movie was released in 2013 and was made by the Warner Bros Company. 

This movie is the story of Superman’s origin and how a man from another planet can have many problems when he goes to another planet, even if he is Superman himself.

This movie shows the hope a parent has attached to his son, as we know during the movie that the S shown to us in Superman’s costume means hope. Those who accepted Superman after coming from another planet always knew how powerful the person he saved was, and now this world is not ready to accept his powers. e all know that his responsibilities increase when someone gets power, and the same happens with Superman.

When he realizes his power, at the same time, he has the responsibility of saving the whole world. This protection is not only from the people of their planet but also from the aliens living on another planet who want to erase the name of humanity forever by killing the people here to make the earth their home. With so many responsibilities, it can be so difficult to protect your planet from other planets and your family from your planet and to hide your identity and live in the midst of them.


At the beginning of the movie, we are shown a planet named Krypton which is millions of miles away from our Earth. 

The people here and their living conditions are completely different from our Earth. Krypton’s technology is far ahead of our Earth. No child is ever born in Krypton, due to which people there give birth to children from test tubes.

On Krypton, we are shown a pregnant woman who will become a mother shortly after. It is the first time in Krypton’s history that a woman will give birth to a child. On Krypton itself, we are shown Jor-El, the woman’s husband and the planet’s Scientist. 

He sees that his planet is about to end; in fact, the core of Krypton is about to end completely, so that this planet will be destroyed soon. 

Jor-El wants to save his child and the people of his planet, for which he meets the higher authorities and tells them that we should leave this planet soon and settle life on another planet. 

He finishes his talk when General Zod comes and kills all the high officials there. Jor-E tries to stop him, but General Zod has j an army that Jor-El alone cannot stop. He tries to steal the Codex by running away to save his son and wife, and he succeeds. Cordex is the DNA details of all the children on that planet.

The Codex contains the DNA of millions of children on that planet, and all the information about that planet resides there. Jor-E somehow escapes from there with the Codex and comes to his child. He goes to his child and starts preparing to send him to another planet. Jor-E matches his son’s DNA and Codex perfectly, puts it in a spaceship, and launches it, but then General Zod comes there and asks about the Codex. 

Jor-E refuses to give him the Codex, after which a fight starts between them. In this battle, Zod kills Jor and tries to attack his son’s spaceship, but then the senior officers of that planet go there and arrest Jod. General Zod and his companions receive a sentence in which they are forever sent to cryogenic sleep, where they will be imprisoned for thousands of years. Lara, who is Jor-El’s wife, sees with her eyes the end of her planet, where the planet is destroyed. 

Now the story is shown in Present Day, where a large ship is shown in the sea where Clark Kent is shown; this is the same boy who escaped from Krypton in the spaceship. He works as a fisherman on a ship when he hears on the radio that there is a fire on another ship, in which a lot of labour is trapped, after which Clark Kent goes there and evacuates all the people from there.

We know that Clark Kent has more power than the people of Krypton. 

He is very different from the people of the Earth; he can hear the voice of people far away, can see through people and apart from this, he has many superpowers. When He came to Earth, He was afraid to live among people and always ran away from people. Now that he is fenced, he has gotten used to all these things, after which he lives easily on Earth. 

He works as a waiter in a hotel where some soldiers come and talk to each other they have found a spaceship in Antarctica, about 20 thousand years old. On hearing about that spaceship, Clark Kent leaves for Antarctica. 

In Antarctica, a reporter is shown named Lois Lane. She has come here because she feels the government and the common man should know what is happening here. The general there refuses Lois Lane, but he continues to leave for a photo shoot alone at night. She takes some photos there, and in the same photo, she sees Clark Kent, who is going inside that spaceship. 

He goes inside the spaceship, where he finds an artificial intelligence that is turned on by a command, and his command key is in Clark Kent’s throat; as soon as Clark Kent enters, his father’s hologram is seen there, in which Clark Kent asks his father a lot, after which General Zod tells him the whole history of how Clark Kent came to Earth and why he left his planet. 

After all this, Clark Kent is given a dress by his father, which s is written on it, which means hope. She also goes after Superman, but as soon as she reaches that spaceship, he attacks her with artificial intelligence, after which Superman comes and saves Loice Lane. Loice Lane wants to publish Superman in the paper, but her senior refuses.

Next, we see Superman, who is now completely ready to save the world, meets Loice Lane as she follows him to Clark Kent’s house. She asks Clark Kent why you hide your power, after which he tells her that the world is not yet ready for this power of mine. 

After all these things, he tells his mother that I have discovered who I am and which planet I come from. His mother is very happy with His words but sad that Clark Kent will not leave her.

The next day there is news on the television of everyone in the world that one of our men has been living on your land for many years, and if you all want your well-being, then hand him over to us. After this news comes, there is chaos worldwide, after which Superman hands himself to the US Army. 

There comes a lot of emphasis, and Superman and Loice take Lane with them to their spaceship, where as soon as they go, all the Superman’s strengths begin to disappear, and he starts to weaken. General Zod asks him about the Codex, but he says nothing. Loice Lane somehow escapes from that spaceship, but on the way, his ship catches fire, which Superman comes back and rescues. 

There is a lot of intense fighting between General Jod and Superman, in which Superman defeats General Zod and requests the government to stop spying on him now because he now wants to live a normal life on Earth. A few days later, we see that Superman, i.e. Clark Kent gets a job writing a news article where Louis Lane also worked, and she welcomes Superman.


Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/ Superman

Michael Shannon as General Zod

Amy Adams as Lois Lane

Russell Crowe as Jor-El

Diane Lane as Martha Kent

Antje Traue as Faora-Ul

Harry Lennix as General Swanwick

Laurence Fishburne as Perry White

Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent

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