Deadpool and Wolverine Trailer Review, TVA Connection

Deadpool and Wolverine Trailer Review
Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Deadpool and Wolverine Trailer Review: The official name for Deadpool 3 is now Deadpool & Wolverine, and its first trailer has been released on Marvel Studios’ YouTube channel. After watching the trailer, it’s only fitting to delve into its details because the filmmakers have showcased so much in this short trailer that not discussing it would be a disservice.

Upon viewing the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, it can be said that it has completely transformed the upcoming Marvel films. There’s hardly anything left that hasn’t been revealed in this trailer, from characters from TV shows to some cast members from the X-Men movies. People are thoroughly enjoying this trailer.

While the film is set to release on July 26th, the excitement among people to watch it has significantly heightened after witnessing the trailer.


Deadpool made its debut in 2019 with its first film, which was an R-rated movie, greatly appreciated for its action scenes and storyline, becoming a blockbuster hit. Following its success, Deadpool 2 was released, also proving to be a hit. Now, continuing the movie series, Deadpool 3, i.e., Deadpool & Wolverine, is being released, promising to showcase everything from the multiverse to television.

Deadpool & Wolverine: The TVA Connection

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, which perhaps no one anticipated, is its connection to the TVA (Time Variance Authority), previously seen in the Loki series. The TVA played a significant role in the Loki series’ success, and now it’s being reintroduced, potentially showcasing a new agent paradox, previously depicted in the 2005 SheHulk series.

The Villain Cassandra Nova

In the trailer for this film, a bald man is shown in the villain’s room, whose face hasn’t been revealed yet. However, as this film is related to X-Men, the person in the villain’s room could potentially be Professor’s twin sister, Cassandra Nova.

Jackman as Wolverine

As we all anticipated, Wolverine is expected to make an appearance in this film. Although Wolverine’s face hasn’t been shown in the trailer yet, we can gauge his appearance from his claws, indicating who he might be. People got extremely excited after seeing Wolverine’s claws at the end of the trailer.

Deadpool and Wolverine Trailer Review

Official Teaser: Marvel Entertainment

Deadpool and Wolverine Trailer Review: Overall, the trailer was quite impressive, indicating that the movie is likely to be a blockbuster hit. Despite keeping the villain’s face hidden, the trailer provided a glimpse into what could be expected. It even hinted at some Marvel comics that will reveal unique storylines, along with featuring Wide, who played a significant role in the Loki series. Achieving so much in a short trailer is remarkable, and the action scenes in the trailer appear to be phenomenal.

The best part of the trailer was Deadpool’s shootout scene, showcasing him in his final form. Overall, the trailer was excellent, easily deserving a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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