Echo Series Episode List Release Date and Cast

Echo Series Episode List Release Date and Cast
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Echo Series Episode List Release Date and Cast: Echo is an upcoming American TV series created by Marion Dayre. It is based on the Marvel comic character Echo and will stream on Disney+. It will be released simultaneously on both the Disney and Hulu streaming platforms.

The Echo series is going to be a spin-off of 2021’s Hawkeye. Alaqua Cox stars as Maya Lopez, aka Echo, in the lead role.

Echo Series Episode List

The Echo series is going to be a Marvel miniseries that will have a total of five episodes. The title of its episodes has not been announced yet, but it is going to have five episodes. A decision has been taken to release all its episodes together. This could be a good option because it is going to be a miniseries and it is a spin-off of Hawkeye, so it may not be that important for Marvel because the Hawkeye series released in 2021 did not do very well.

The episode list for the Echo series has not been officially announced yet.

Echo Series Release Date

Marvel’s upcoming series, Echo, will be released on Disney+ on January 9, 2024. This mini-series can be enjoyed at home with a premium membership to Disney+. Marvel’s recently released Loki Season 2 did a great job and has taken the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe towards new hope. People are going to expect the same from Echo because Marvel’s series is not able to do anything special. If one or two web series and TV shows are kept aside, then Marvel’s series are not able to do anything special like their movies do at the box office.

All the episodes of Echo are being released simultaneously on January 9. This is a plus point for Marvel because it is a miniseries, so there is no need to give much time to watch it so that any viewer can finish it in one go.

Echo Series cast list

Many big actors are working in the Echo series, and there is no doubt that care has not been taken regarding its cast. Big actors like Alaqua Cox and Charlie Cox have worked in this series. Below is a list of the cast of the Echo series.

Alaqua Cox as Maya, aka Echo

Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk

Zahn McClarnon as William Lopez

Devery Jacobs as Julie

Dannie McCallum as Tuklo

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock

Alejandra Jaime as Spirit

Alexis Capozzi as Interpreter

Dionicio Virvez as a Choctaw Native Veteran

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