Emma Stone Taylor Swift Joke, Emma Has Now Promised Not to Joke About Anyone Anymore

Emma Stone Taylor Swift Joke
Image Credit: Golden Globes/ Billboard

Emma Stone Taylor Swift Joke: During an interview with Verity, Emma revealed that she will never make jokes about Taylor Swift again because it caused her a lot of difficulties. Perhaps Taylor needs no introduction as she is listed among the world-famous personalities known for her singing and songwriting talents. She began her career at the age of 14. Emma had heard enough about making jokes about Taylor before, which is why she now accepts in the media that she will never joke about her friend in the future.

34-year-old Taylor has fans not only in America but also in different parts of the world. This is why whenever someone wants to make fun of her, they end up bothering the admirers of Swift scattered across different regions. In fact, Emma Stone had previously said some inappropriate words about Taylor backstage at a media event, although her intention wasn’t wrong. However, when this came to light, Emma Stone faced a lot of criticism.

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Emma Stone, who recently received the Best Actress award for “Poor Things,” revealed that Swift’s fan following is so enormous that she faced significant criticism due to a joke she made, which left her quite distressed. As a result, she has now promised not to joke about anyone anymore.

During a press conference, Emma was asked by a reporter from Fox News about Taylor applauding her win. Emma jokingly replied, “What an As***le am I right?”

Emma Stone also spoke a bit about her relationship with Taylor in the media, mentioning that she is quite pleased that Swift praised her and shared some insights about their 20-year relationship.

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