Griselda Release Date on Netflix

Griselda Release Date on Netflix
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Griselda Release Date on Netflix: Andres Baiz is directing a new American mini-series titled “Griselda,” a crime drama based on the life of Griselda Blanco. Griselda Blanco was a cocaine trafficker, and this series will showcase the supply of these drugs and its dark side. Sofia Vergara plays the lead role in this movie, portraying Griselda. Behind her are significant authorities in Miami, as Griselda has significantly increased cocaine supply in Miami for the past several years.
The producers of this movie are Eric Newman and Sofia Vergara. Doug Miro is the writer of this series.

Griselda Series Plot

This mini-series is based on the life of Griselda Blanco, who, with her three children, moves from Medellin to Miami with a kilo of cocaine. After arriving there, she becomes a queenpin in the dark world of this drug.

The story of this series may seem quite simple, but when the trailer was seen, it became apparent how dangerous this journey was. It is a crime drama series that depicts the crime in the world of drugs.

The movie is set in the timeline of 1987, showcasing things on a different level concerning the supply of cocaine.


In this series, the lead role is played by Sofia Vergara, who portrays Griselda Blanco. She is a Colombian-American actress known for her role in “Modern Family,” released in 2009. In this mini-series, she takes on the lead role, also known as the “Godmother of Cocaine.”

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The next star in this series is Alberto Guerra, playing the role of Dario. He is a Cuban actor who has previously appeared in Netflix’s “The Candidate” series. Guerra is portraying Dario, who is Griselda’s third husband.

There are also other important cast members in this series, and their list is provided below.

Martin Rodriguez as Jorge
Juliana Aidén Martinez as June Hawkins
Vanessa Ferlito as Isabel
Karol G as Carla
Julieth Restrepo as Marta Ochoa.
Maximiliano Hernández as Papo Mejia
Christian Tappan as Arturo Mesa
José Zúñiga as Amilcar
Diego Trujillo as German Panesso
Alberto Ammann as Alberto Bravo
Paulina Dávila as Carmen Gutiérrez
Camilo Jiménez Varón as Rafa Salazar
Gabriel Sloyer as Raul Diaz

Griselda Release Date on Netflix

After the trailer of this series, the audience is quite excited to see this mini-series. “Griselda” will be released on Netflix on January 25, 2024, and can be viewed with a premium subscription.

This mini-series consists of a total of 6 episodes, all of which will be released together. While nowadays, many web series and TV series release weekly episodes, “Griselda” is being released all at once, likely due to its mini-series format.

Episode 1- Lady Comes to Town

Episode 2- Rich White People

Episode 3- Mutiny

Episode 4- Middle Management

Episode 5- Paradise Lost

Episode 6- Adios, Miami

Trailer breakdown

This is a crime drama series, and the beginning of its trailer is so engaging that it’s hard to tell when the approximately 2:30-minute trailer ends.

In the opening of the trailer, we find Griselda leaving her home to shift to Miami. Due to this move, she has been reigning over the drug industry in Miami for about three years. Behind Griselda, there are influential people in Miami because she has significantly expanded the cocaine business in the city.

Griselda Blanco is essentially a cocaine distributor who has been ruling in Miami for the past three years, and her business has been quite successful. In the trailer, we see Griselda Blanco attempting to build her own group, telling some people that if they succeed, their lives will change.

Initially, Griselda Blanco is doing well with her business, but when she expands her market, significant problems arise in her life with the involvement of a larger mafia group. Some members of the mafia try to stop her and threaten her, but Griselda maintains her vision and perhaps surpasses everyone to become the Godmother of America.

The story may seem quite simple at first, but when you watch the trailer carefully, you understand the potential of this mini-series.


Since this series is based on real-life events, it’s evident that it should be a good mini-series. After watching its trailer, the excitement to see this series has increased significantly because the presentation of all the scenes in the trailer is quite impressive.

The character building shown in it is enjoyable to watch. Every viewer who likes crime drama series and movies will be excited about this mini-series. Overall, watching the trailer gives a positive feeling that this series is likely to be quite good.

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