Harlan Cohen’s Shelter Cast

Harlan Cohen's Shelter Cast
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Harlan Cohen’s Shelter Cast and Overview

The Shelter is an American crime, drama, mystery, and thriller television series based on a novel written by Harlan Cohen, produced by Charlotte Cobel and Andrew Saxe.
The main cast in this TV series introduces us to Mickey Bolitar (Jaden Michael) with his family, including his aunt Constance Zimmer as Shira Bolitar and Mickey’s girlfriend Samantha Bugliaro as Ashley Kent is shown. Apart from these, there are some side actors in this TV show, such as Adrian Greensmith(Arthur Spindell), Abby Corrigan(Ema Winslow) and Sage Linder(Rachel Caldwell).
Shelter TV series was released on Amazon Prime on 18 August 2023, and now, three episodes are available on Amazon Prime. This TV series has got a rating of 6.5/10 on IMDB.

Harlan Cohen’s Shelter Review

Harlan Cohen’s Shelter TV series revolves around a boy named Mickey Bolitar who starts living with his aunt after his father’s death and attending school. He gets a girlfriend in that school, and she disappears from the school, finding out which Mickey finds out. It turns out that there is some connection between his father’s death and his girlfriend’s disappearance, after which he starts to find out about this connection.

Mickey Bolitar is the only son of his parents, who lead an everyday life. Still, in the meantime, Mickey Bolitar has to lose his father in an accident, and his mother is also admitted to the hospital for a long time.
The twist in the story comes when he goes to study with his aunt, which is evident that no one will leave a high school kid alone. Due to this, he now starts living with his aunt, and when he goes there When he goes to a school, one incident starts happening to him, which could significantly affect his past and future.
After all these incidents, when he starts living with his aunt, he becomes a friend in college, and they both start liking each other.

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His girlfriend stops coming to college even before this story progresses, behind which no one knows why, and then Mickey and his college friends start searching for her friend Ashley Kent. While searching for her, Mickey sees many connections between his father’s death and Ashley Kent’s disappearance.
Incidents happen to him that are very much connected to his father, so he starts searching for answers to every question, which leads him to uncover some secrets behind his father’s death.
Harlan Cohen’s Shelter is a mystery TV series in which many secrets are hidden behind the disappearance of some children in a New Jersey town.

This series becomes a must-watch TV series for those who watch a mystery and thriller show because it shows one suspense and thrill after the other, making it challenging to guess the story ahead.
Along with the flaws in this TV series, some shortcomings do not affect it much because the work done by its actors hides the series’ failures.
There have been three episodes of this TV series so far, in which the length of all the episodes is about 50 minutes, which will keep you from getting bored even for a minute.

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