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Henry Cavill’s upcoming film even after Henry Cavill left big film series like Superman and The Witcher, the list of Henry Cavill’s upcoming movies is enormous. Henry Cavill has worked in many good movies in his life, out of which if he became famous for any role, it is his 2013 released Man of Steel movie in which he got to play Superman, after which he was considered the best Superman role ever.
Suppose anyone is given credit for the popularity of Superman. In that case, it should be given to Henry Cavill because only someone else can do the character of Superman better than him.
After Henry Cavill’s Superman, Henry only did that work well when he got a chance to work in a web series. We are talking about The Witcher web series released in 2019, which has had 3 seasons so far, and now we may not see Henry Cavill again in The Witcher web series.

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Apart from these two, Henry Cavill has worked in many big movies and series where he got side roles; in some, he got the role of a villain.
Henry Cavill has always pleased his fans with his acting skills whenever he got a chance.
Now what will be his upcoming movie plans after exiting from film series like Superman and The Witcher?After these two big film series of Henry Cavill, is there anything new for his fans?
Now after two big film series by Henry Cavill, he has 3 big films in the future.

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare is an upcoming American action spy movie based on the word war 2 book Secret Warriors written by Churchill in 2014. The director of this movie is Guy Ritchie, and he is also the co-writer.

The release date of this movie has not been told yet, but it will be released in 2024.


Argyll is an upcoming action spy thriller movie releasing on 2 February 2024. In the lead role of this movie, we will be shown Henry Cavill, who will be seen as a spy agent.

Argylle’s movie is directed and produced by Matthew Vaughn. The story is based on a novel also named Argylle.

The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project could be a romantic movie by Henri CEVILL as it is based on a novel titled The Rosie Project written by Graeme Simsion. This novel was published on 30 January 2013, based on which the new movie The Rosie Project will be seen soon.

Note: No confirmation has been received regarding its date yet.

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