Jennifer Lopez New Movie Atlas, What is the Atlas movie about?

Jennifer Lopez New Movie Atlas
Image Credit: Netflix

Overview of Jennifer Lopez New Movie Atlas : Atlas is an upcoming science fiction action thriller film on Netflix, starring Jennifer Lopez in the lead role, with Simu Liu appearing as the antagonist. It’s an action thriller film set to release on Netflix on May 24, 2024.

What is the Atlas movie about?

The story revolves around Jennifer Lopez, where from its trailer, we find out that Atlas Shepherd (Jennifer Lopez) has years of experience in eliminating AI and fighting them, which she uses to team up with her government to eliminate AI, including her encounter with an AI named Helen, with whom Atlas has a somewhat old relationship.

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After joining this mission, Atlas has to face many problems because during a battle, she lands on a planet where there are no facilities, and to get out of all this, she has to take the help of an AI named Smith. At first, Atlas repeatedly fails in this task, after which Smith explains to her that if she wants to get out of this planet, she will have to trust the AI.

Where can you watch Atlas?

Although this movie is directly releasing on Netflix, it can be watched with Netflix subscription on May 24, 2024, as the movie will be streaming directly on Netflix on May 24.

What did we learn from the Atlas movie trailer

The trailer of Atlas was released on May 23, 2024, on Netflix, and in this 2 minutes 50 seconds trailer, many things were shown, such as it’s going to be a science fiction film based on controlling advancing technology in the world and eliminating some dangerous AI.

Jennifer Lopez has been cast in the lead role of this film, playing the role of Atlas Shepherd, who has years of experience in fighting dangerous AI because Atlas’s past is also related to some such AI, which has not been specifically mentioned in the trailer, but some scenes indicate that Atlas’s past is somehow connected to AI in mysterious ways.

Not much was known about the villain in the trailer, but it was revealed that some AIs, called Harlan, want to end humanity to rule the world. Simu Liu has been cast in the role of this movie’s villain, playing an AI called Harlan.

In addition to all this, another AI named Smith was mentioned in this trailer, who is an advanced program whose primary protocol is to save Atlas, and when Atlas gets stuck on another planet during a battle, Smith helps her there, but for that, Atlas has to trust Smith.

Should you watch the Atlas movie?

If you are a fan of science fiction movies, then this movie is for you, but what about those who are not interested in science fiction?

It’s a full package action thriller movie, so if you’re hesitant to watch it because of science fiction, then watch its trailer once, which shows the potential of this movie, where not only are stunning action scenes shown, but also some mystery related to characters is shown, so if you like any type of action, thrill, science fiction movie, then this movie is for you.

Although everything has been revealed in its trailer, where you won’t find any special suspense while watching the movie, but you will definitely like the comedy punch lines between its action sequences and fights.

cast of atlas movie

  • Jennifer Lopez as Atlas Shepherd
  • Simu Liu as Harlan
  • Sterling K. Brown
  • Mark Strong
  • Abraham Popoola
  • Lana Parrilla

This movie has been directed by Brad Peyton and written by Leo Sardarian, it’s going to be an action-packed thriller movie releasing on Netflix on May 24, 2024, which can be watched with Netflix’s premium subscription.

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