Loki Season 2 Episode 5 Full Episode Recap

Loki Season 2 Episode 5 Full Episode Recap
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Loki Season 2 Episode 5 Full Episode Recap:

The fifth episode of the Loki web series is quite interesting, and this episode starts from the same place where TVA is about to be completely destroyed. Loki closes his eyes, and as soon as he opens his eyes, he sees that everyone has disappeared from there. Loki does not understand anything, after which he leaves the room, and then he starts time-sleeping once again. Loki is very surprised to see all this. How can he do time-sleeping because he has cured himself by time-sleeping? But as soon as he does time-sleeping once again, he understands that something is wrong. After which, he becomes very upset. He keeps coming back to his own past and future again and again, which makes him very upset.

The episode of the Loki web series now shifts to Casey, which is a branch time line, and it is 1962 California, where he is shown in a prison, from where he tries to escape and succeeds in escaping from there. And as soon as he comes out of that place, Loki comes in time-sleep and asks Casey what is going on, but Casey doesn’t find anything about Loki, so he looks at Loki. He starts running away from there.
Before Loki can talk to him about anything else, Loki again sleeps in time, and he reaches another place. In this way, Loki does time sleep again and again in many places, and finally he reaches a branch time line in 2012, where Hunter B15 is shown as a doctor in this time line. As soon as Loki goes to ask him something, he goes to sleep and goes back to 2022, where he meets Mobius, and he asks Mobius. Loki asks if he remembers anything, after which Mobius also tells him that he doesn’t remember anything.

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Loki once again goes to 1994, where he meets Ouroboros, and when Loki suddenly appears in front of Ouroboros, Ouroboros gets scared, but when Loki tells him his story, he too does not remember anything. He is understanding what Loki is saying because he is very intelligent.

Loki realizes one thing: he is only going to the people he knows. Loki calls everyone back together, including Mobius, Ouroboros, Hunter B-15, and Casey, and now they all decide to find Sylvie. Loki goes to Sylvie with the help of the time door, and as soon as he tries to tell her something, Sylvie recognizes him, which surprises Loki. When Loki asks Sylvie to join his team to fix everything, she refuses him, and while she is going to a shop like a regular and listening to music, everything starts disappearing there.

Which means that the time line is automatically reset. When Sylvie learns about this, she goes back to Loki and agrees to help him, but as soon as they all become happy with this, the timeline also starts resetting on its own. All the people present there start disappearing, and Sylvie says that now there is no place left to go. Everything is being destroyed in front of Loki, and then he once again controls his time while sleeping and falls into his trap, and this is the same time when Sylvie comes to help Loki. Now Loki has such powers that he can go anywhere in time by controlling time-sleeping, and he once again goes back to the TVA time line, where Ouroboros is, and they all try to save Loom.

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