Loki web series recap

Loki web series recap
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Although Loki is not a forgettable web series, the time travel concept shown in it is confusing. To understand the Loki season 2 web series, we need to recap the Loki season one web series. The web series begins ahead of the time heist scene of End Game, where Loki teleports from Avenger Tower with the help of Tesseract. After being teleported, he falls directly into the desert named Mongolia. Arriving in the desert of Mongolia, he is confronted by Hunter B-15 and arrested for tampering with the timeline. After arresting Loki, he is taken to the TVA (Time Variance Authority ), where he is ordered to be reset by TVA judge Ravonna Renslayer for tampering with the timeline.
After Ravonna Renslayer gives the order, the guards are about to disintegrate him when Mobius arrives and requests her to take him under, so the TVA judge puts Loki under Mobius. Loki also tries to run away from TVA, but he loses all hope when he learns that magic does not work in TVA. Staying with Mobius, he comes to know many things, like, what will happen with whom is already decided; he starts crying after seeing his biography, how he has supported bad people till date; because of this, his mother died. Loki later realizes how much his brother Thor and his father Odin loved him and how Thanos kills him to fulfill a glorious purpose.

After knowing all this, when he goes to Mobius and asks for the reason to save him, Mobius tells him that one of your variants is killing our tva members, and only you can help us catch her. When the people of TVA come to know about its second variant with the help of Loki, everyone goes there to see her, and Loki comes to know that the one who is killing the people of Tva is a lady named Loki named Sylvie. At first, Loki wants to run away from TVA by trapping her in his words, but Sylvie does not want to help him in any way.
On the one hand, everyone is busy searching for Sylvie; on the other hand, Sylvie uses Tempad to go to TVA. His purpose for going to TVA is to kill the timekeepers. Loki sees Sylvie leaving and goes after her. After that, they fight, and during the fight, Tempad is Touched by them and teleports to Lamentis-1 (2077). They have gone to such a planet which is about to end in no time.

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It would have needed to charge the Tempad, which is already discharged, to get out of there. After going there, both of them realize that if we have to survive here, we will have to help each other. During their stay in Lamentis-1, they get to know each other better and introduce themselves to each other. To get out of there, they need the power to charge their Tempad, for which both go to an Ark where all the inhabitants ofLamentis-1 are sitting in it and going out of this planet.

Both of them board the train to reach the Ark, but they are thrown off the train due to their fight there. Being thrown from the train breaks the Tempad, and now they have no other way to escape this planet. Both of them sit there waiting for their death. Suddenly TVA people come there and arrest both of them. After arresting these two, they are taken to TVA, and the investigation of these two is different.
Loki tries to tell the people of TVA that they are all variants and that all the people working in TVA have been brainwashed. But no one believes Loki because he has already lied a lot. When Loki tells Mobius that you are all variants, Mobius begins to investigate. During the investigation, he finds a video of C-20 in Ravonna Renslayer’s Tempad, after which he is convinced that Loki is telling the truth and that all Tva people are variants. As soon as Morbius learns of this, he rescues Loki from prison, but Ravonna Renslayer and his Minute Men are already waiting for him.

Ravonna Renslayer disintegrates before Mobius can get there. After killing Mobius, Ravonna Renslayer takes Loki to the Time Keepers, where we are shown the three Timekeepers for the first time. Both Loki is talking to the Time Keepers when B-15 comes there and frees them both. Freed from the guards, both Loki try to kill the Time Keepers, and Sylvie kills one of the Time Keepers; after killing the Time Keeper, it is revealed that they are all Android devices. During the fight, Ravonna Renslayer destroys Male Loki with her Time stick. After being disintegrated from TVA, Loki reaches HEL, a place where no one can escape and return.
All the people who disintegrated in TVA get trapped in HEL. After going to HEL, Loki meets his four different variants, including Hammer Loki, Boy Loki, classic Loki, and Crocodile Loki.

A cloud named Alioth in Hel takes care that no one can leave this place. Here Sylvie interrogates Ravonna Renslayer, and she learns that she does not know anything about TVA. Then Ravonna Renslayer promises to help Sylvie and tells them that everyone erased from TVA goes to HEL, after which Sylvia disintegrates herself and reaches Hel. Alioth falls behind her as soon as she reaches Hel. He runs to save her, and only then there comes Mobius, who saves her. Now Mobius, Lady Lucky, Classic Loki, and Loki are together and try to save each other with Aloith.

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Sylvie controls the mind of Aloith and looks inside it, and then she feels something so that all these decisions take that will all control and then go ahead of this cloud. Then it is the same thing alone and goes ahead of this cloud. After going there, he reaches Citadel, whose door opens, and a Miss Minutes tells them that this place is of He Who Remains.

Loki then meets the He Who Remains and disappears just as Sylvie tries to kill him. What remains then explains to them the multiverse, how it has controlled everything, and how the TVA works. He Who Remains also allows them to spend their life normally. Whatever mistakes have been made by everyone, they will rectify them. He Who Remains also asks these two to handle TVA and says that both of you now handle TVA and rule, but Sylvia does not listen to it, and she kills He Who Remains. Only after his death are countless branches created in the Secret Time Line, and then the Multiyear of Madness begins.

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