Masters of The Air Rotten Tomatoes Score, Is it Betters Than Band of Brothers and The Pacific

Masters of The Air Rotten Tomatoes Score
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As we all know, “Masters of the Air” was one of the most anticipated war drama series, currently streaming on Apple TV+. This series is significant because it’s being compared to acclaimed movies like “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific.” The question arises: Will “Masters of the Air” receive as high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes as the acclaimed ratings received by “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific”?

In reality, this series is receiving no bad reviews, and there don’t seem to be any issues with its episodes. This series has been created by individuals who have already crafted some masterclass war drama series, namely “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific.” Between these two series, there was a gap of a whole 10 years, and now “Masters of the Air” has been created. It’s receiving a positive response from everywhere, and so far, four episodes have been released on Apple TV+.

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There are several reasons to love this series. It truly is a remarkable series, and the actors who have worked on it have won people’s hearts with their incredible acting skills.

The creators of “Masters of the Air” and “Band of Brothers” are indeed the same. However, the stories portrayed in these two series are different. Although both series are based on war, they are quite distinct from each other. For instance, while “Masters of the Air” focuses on the story of the 100th Bombardment Group, “Band of Brothers” showcases Easy Company of The 101st Airborne Division.

Even though both series are connected through the war theme, they diverge significantly in their narratives. This highlights how two series created by the same creators can be so different, focusing on different aspects of the same issue. To truly understand this, one can compare “Masters of the Air” and “Band of Brothers.

masters of the air rotten tomatoes score

Masters of The Air Rotten Tomatoes Score
Image Credit: Apple TV

Looking at “Masters of the Air” in the right perspective, its score isn’t all that bad. This series has garnered an 86% score from critics in comparison to its war drama series counterparts, while the audience has given it a 70% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

So, if we examine it closely, this isn’t a bad score. However, when compared to the previous war drama series by its makers, it falls quite behind. The makers of “Masters of the Air” received quite favorable scores for their last two war dramas. “Band of Brothers” scored 97% from critics and 96% from the audience, while “The Pacific” received 91% from critics and 89% from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes, which is considerably ahead of “Masters of the Air”.

What is the reason of lower score of masters of the air?

Masters of The Air Rotten Tomatoes Score
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While the scores for “Masters of the Air” are decent on Rotten Tomatoes, comparing them to the previous war dramas by the same makers reveals a significant gap. There could be several reasons behind this, but currently, the most prominent one seems to be that this series hasn’t been fully released yet. Due to this, its scores are lower everywhere. It’s quite complicated for any series or TV show when its episodes are released weekly.

Once all the episodes of this series are released, the audience will be able to watch it all at once and understand its potential, which will likely increase the score of “Masters of the Air” in the future. Currently, four episodes have been released, and five more are yet to come. It might not be fair to judge any series so quickly, so when the entire series is released, its score will surely improve. This series started on January 26, 2024, and will release its final episode on March 15, 2024. Looking at the timeline, it’s taking more than two months to present itself to the audience, which has had an impact on the series’ reception.

Why will it receive a good response? Why a good score?

Masters of The Air Rotten Tomatoes Score
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The chances of this series receiving a good score are high because it is consistently improving with each episode, enhancing both action and drama. As the episodes progress, viewers are treated to more captivating action and drama, leaving no doubt that this series will eventually earn a good score.

Episode 4, in particular, surpasses the previous three episodes in terms of romance and action, offering viewers much more to enjoy. The way the characters are being developed suggests that they will become even more compelling in future episodes, further contributing to the series’ success.

Why is the score of “Masters of the Air” lower than that of “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific”?

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“Masters of the Air” is facing the most criticism primarily due to comparisons being drawn with “Band of Brothers,” given that both series share the same makers. This constant comparison is causing people to speak negatively about it. However, if viewed individually, the series actually boasts quite decent scores, and each episode is steadily improving itself. As the series progresses, it’s bound to demonstrate its worth by delivering commendable work till the end.

When “Band of Brothers” aired in 2001, it received overwhelmingly positive reviews because it was a war drama mini-series, which gave it several advantages. As a result, it outshone many other series, and “Masters of the Air” is still striving to reach that level of acclaim. The true assessment of any movie or series’ potential comes when it’s fully released to the audience. Once all the episodes of “Masters of the Air” are available on Apple TV+, it may successfully match the standards set by its makers’ previous war dramas like “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific.”

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