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The movie is about a special agent of the IMF who manages to accomplish all his missions very cleverly without any loss of life. Similarly, he is sent on a mission where after going, he comes to know that some traitors are sitting in his team, due to which he has to lose many of his comrades. The biggest and worst thing about this mission is that if you lose your life, the IMF people refuse to take responsibility for it.

This movie shows many things that have become common in the country today. Ethan Hunt, the hero of this movie series, when one problem starts coming into his life, he has to stand against his organization because traitors have come into his organization too. The movie’s storyline is very straightforward, as befits a spy movie. The best thing is the action scene in this movie because Tom Cruise is in the lead role and is considered an action hero. His action scenes are very good because he does all the stunts himself.

Mission Impossible Movie Story

Mission Impossible Series is one of the best movie series of Tom Cruise. This movie has a fan following not only in America but worldwide. This movie started in 1996. So far, six parts of this movie have been released, and its 7th part will be released on 12th June. It is an action spy movie series based on a 1996 TV series. Mission Impossible has so far earned a total of $3.57 billion from a budget of $1.12 billion.

Mission Impossible-1 was released in 1996. Whose total budget was $ 400 million, and this movie did a worldwide business of $ 140 million. In the Mission Impossible film series, some agents are shown whose Job is to carry out such an almost impossible mission. An organization called IMF (Impossible Mission Force) was formed to carry out such a mission. These people fight against any threat in the world, but they are specially made for the security of America.

At the movie’s beginning, we are shown one such team, which Ethan Hunt is leading. They are called to the IMF headquarters and explained about a mission. IMF is a secret agency about which the common citizen has no information. Staying amid people, they solve big missions very clearly. Ethan Hunt’s boss Jym calls everyone about a new mission. Jym tells everyone that he had a list of all the undercover agents in a building in Prague that Ethan Hunt and his team had to get out of there. That list contains a list of many undercover agents of the world, which, if it had come into the wrong hands, everyone would have come to know about all the agents, which could have threatened their lives. According to the mission, Ethan Hunt and his team reach that building.

After going there, everything was going according to plan. But after a while, Ethan Hunt learns that someone is killing his team members. On seeing this, all his team members are killed. As soon as it is known, Ethan Hunt calls IMF’s senior Kittridge and tells him everything. Coincidentally, Kittridge also happens to be in Prague. Ethan Hunt meets his senior Kittridge and tells him that all our team members have been killed; someone already knew about our plan. Kittridge starts suspecting Ethan Hunt because he is the only one left on his team, and some unknown person has sent a lot of money to Ethan Hunt’s account. Ethan Hunt narrowly escapes Kittridge’s men and reaches a safe house.

At his safe house, Jim’s wife Clair arrives, who was on Ethan’s team in Prague that day, and he is shocked to see her because she thought there was no one else alive in Prague. Now Ethan learns about the one who has planned all this, whose code name is Job. Now Ethan makes a match for Max. After meeting Max, he makes a deal that he will bring all the details of IMF and give them to Max; in return, Max will tell him the real identity of Job. Max agrees to this deal. Now Ethan Hunt forms a team with Clair and Luther. Together these four steal the data from the IMF that Max needs.

Ethan’s knife falls into the IMF’s office during the theft, after which the IMF learns that Ethan Hunt stole the list. IMF arrests Ethan Hunt’s mother to withdraw that list from Ethan Hunt. Now Ethan Hunt talks to Kittridge and asks him to give him back the list. In return, the IMF will release his mother. Ethan Hunt sets up another meeting with Max in which he will give Max the list in exchange for Max giving Ethan money and the real identity of the Job.

Ethan Hunt learns that the real villain is none other than Jim. Ethan Hunt disguises himself as Jim and talks to Claire, where he learns that the chair is also associated with Jim. When Jim comes to know about this, he kills Jim and tries to run away with the disk but is killed by Ethan. After killing him, Max is arrested, and Ethan Hunt is taken back to the IMF.

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