One Piece Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

One Piece Episode 1 Recap

One Piece Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

One Piece is a fantasy adventure television series Matt Owens and Steven Maeda created. This web series has been released on Netflix on 31 August 2023. This TV series is an adaptation of a 1997 Japanese manga series created by Eiichiro Oda.

The story of One Piece is based on a boy named Monkey D. Luffy (Iñaki Godoy), and he wants to become a great pirate. He has had a dream since childhood to become the biggest pirate in the world, and all the soldiers of the world should come after him to catch him.
He is so passionate about his work that he is ready to go to any extent for it, for which he steals a map from a secret place in Shells Town, among many people, in which the Map. There is an address on the Grand Line with a lot of treasure called One Piece. Big piratesfrom all over the world are after One Piece.
Will Luffy be able to become the world’s greatest pirate because the Map he is going after has many other people already behind it? It is the first season of One Piece, which consists of 8 episodes, and all the episodes are approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour long.
In the lead role of this web series, we are shown Luffy, who is playing the character of Monkey D Luffy. Apart from this, it also has Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro and Emily Rudd as Nami.

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The story’s beginning is shown 20 years before the present day, where we are shown Garp, who has arrested a very popular pirate captain, Gold Roger, on whom a reward of lakhs has been imposed. Garp has always hated pirates. Does.
To create fear in the hearts of the people, he goes to kill the pirate in front of millions of people, but before killing him, he asks the pirate if there is any last wish of his, after which the pirate starts provoking the people and says That there is nothing kept here, I have kept all the treasure I have stolen till date hidden in the water, so you all leave this place and go into the water and make your life.
After this speech of Gold Roger, there is a desire in people’s minds to get his treasure, after which a new era begins in which many pirates are born, and all go into the See and search for Gold Roger’s treasure. Everyone is behind the song, which is called One Piece.


The story’s beginning is now shown in the present day, where we see a boy named Monkey D. Luffy sitting in a small boat in the fast blue sea, where he is slowly filling water. He talks to himself and says he wants to become the greatest pirate in the world.
While talking to himself, suddenly his voice starts filling with water, due to which he locks himself in a box kept in this boat and leaves there; after leaving there, he reaches a place where There is a war going on between two ships and in the same battle, a girl named Alvida is shown who is the captain of that ship. Alvida is also a pirate on whom huge bounties have been imposed. If Monkey D. Luffy had locked himself in a box and went near Alvida’s ship, Alvida’s soldiers would have put the box in their boat. Are. There, we are introduced to a new character named Koby. Koby works only for Alvida, but somewhere, I try very hard to get rid of those people, but he never goes there due to the fear of Alvida. I need to learn how to divide.
It’s nighttime, and Koby is cleaning one of Bye’s weapons when he hears something falling from inside. He sees the sound of someone speaking coming from a box, and when he has to open the box, Luffy comes out inside the box.

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They introduce each other and prepare to run away from there. At night, when all the people in the boat are sleeping, both of them secretly prepare to run away from there, but then, due to the sound of a stick, there is a very loud noise, after which all the people there wake up, and He captures Luffy and Koby. Alvida also comes there, and as soon as she sees both of them, she understands that they are preparing to run away from there, after which Alvida is about to kill them. Still, due to Luffy’s flexibility, Luffy has elasticity powers inherited from eating a Devil Fruit. He cannot kill because Luffy is very flexible; his body grows like rubber, his hands become several meters long, and his legs become several meters long, making it very difficult to kill him. Because of this, Luffy kills everyone there and runs away in a boat with his friend Koby.
Luffy has only one aim – to become the greatest pirate in the world, and this is what he asks his friend Koby about what he wants to become in the future. After this, Koby tells him that he wants to become a Marine and always wants to help the helpless people.

The story shifts to another scene where a girl named Nami is shown in the middle of the ocean asking for help from some people, and when they come to help Nami, she fools them by saying her name. She takes it and runs away from there.
Luffy and Koby reach Shells Town and go to a restaurant because they are both very hungry and Nami, who ran away from there after fooling some people by taking their name, has also come to this restaurant.
In this restaurant, we are shown a man named Zoro, a swordsman, while there is a little girl whom Helmeppo slightly misbehaves, after which Zoro and the boy have a huge scuffle.
Zoro is a great warrior who hates pirates and has learned this sword fighting to do them, and he is very skilled in his work; even good people kneel in front of him.
The father of the boy whom Zoro beats is Marine Caption. He calls Zoro and asks him to join his team, but Zoro refuses his offer, after which Zoro is arrested for seven days.
Luffy and Koby also happen to be in this city, and both break into Morgan’s house to steal the Map Of the location of the Grand Line where the treasure named One Piece is hidden.
Luffy sees that Zoro has been arrested by these people, after which he releases Zoro from there, and he follows the Map inside the house, but Nami is already there, after which he starts searching for that Map. As soon as the news of this goes to Morgan, he quickly comes to his room, but before that, Luffy and Nami run out of there with Morgan’s safe, which contains that Map.

Now, all of Morgan’s men surround Monkey D. Luffy, and Nami and attack them. After that, Luffy and Nami kill all his soldiers, and then Zoro comes there, and now these three together kill all of Morgan’s men. They defeat the team members and later beat Morgan very well, and all three of them escape from there by taking a boat. After this, we are shown that all the big pirates who live in the sea get the news that someone has stolen the map only after he has stolen the Map, after which all the big pirates of the sea are now want to catch Luffy.

The action scenes of this web series are excellent; if you are fond of adventure films, you must watch It because you will get all the action and comedy adventure in it, which becomes one of the best adventure web series.
All the characters in the movie have shown excellent performance; in many places, you will not be able to feel whether someone is acting or living the actual character.
Let’s talk about the specialty of this episode. This episode moves forward with its storyline, in which we will now know whether Luffy can become the biggest pirates  in this world or the big pirates  who have already made him this way. Ruling the sea, they will never let Luffy reach this point.

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