One Piece Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

One Piece Netflix Episode 2 Recap
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One Piece Netflix Episode 2 Recap

As we saw in Episode 1, after a fight with Marine Captain Morgan, Luffy, Nami, and Zoro escape from Shells Town in a boat, and Luffy’s friend Koby also supports them in this work. Koby does not come with his Luffy because he also wants to join the Marines. Now Luffy and his friends sit in the boat and move like the Grand Line.
As soon as these three move forward in the sea, some pirates follow them, attack them, and arrest them. When Luffy, Zoro, and Nami find out that the person who kidnapped them is none other than Buggy The Clown, all three are shocked because Buggy is a big pirate in whom the government has invested much money to catch Buggy dead or alive. But the government will reward the person who sees him.
Buggy takes over a city called Orange Town and takes all the people there captive in his personal circus and makes the people laugh and cry with his sayings, and he completely destroys the city. The only thing worth seeing there is his own circus, where he has kept people captive.

Luffy Zoro and Nami are brought before Buggy, and all three of them are asked about the map of the Grand Line, after which all three deny that they know anything about any of the maps.
Luffy has the map, but when Buggy’s men kidnap him and put him in a box, he sets the map in his stomach because he has the power of elasticity.
Buggy tries to ask Luffy about the map, but Luffy doesn’t tell him anything.
Buggy now understands that Luffy will not tell him anything like that. After this, Buggy starts blackmailing Luffy emotionally, reminding him about his past, how his idol Shanks was Buggy’s friend, and how They both used to work together. Still, they did not make up with each other, due to which they both got separated from each other.


Buggy learns that Luffy cannot swim in the water and has many problems with seawater, so Buggy puts Luffy in a water tank and asks him about the map of the Grand Line. Just then, Zoro and Nami somehow free themselves from Buggy’s men and come there and save Luffy as well.
Luffy, Zoro, and Nami, all three together, try to defeat Buggy, but because Buggy also has a superpower to separate every part of his body, Buggy gets this power from Chop-Chop Fruit.

Luffy, Zoro, and Nami try to defeat Buggy together, but they fail, after which Luffy comes up with an idea to separate all of Buggy’s body parts and lock them in boxes, after which Buggy returns his body parts to himself. After which, Luffy throws Buggy far away from his body parts.

The three of them together free the entire villagers from Buggy and leave the place.
On the other hand, Shanks is shown who is with Grap, and Grap asks Shanks many questions, like why he wants to join the Marines and why he didn’t run away from this town with his friends. Shanks answers to Grap That since childhood, it was his dream to join the Marines and help the destitute and helpless people.
Seeing the honesty of Shanks, Grap recruits him into the Marines and also punishes Morgan for lying. It is further shown in the story that Nami tells someone through a transmitter that she now has the map of the Grand Line and tells it to an unknown person, and with this, One Piece Netflix Episode 2 Recap ends.

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