One Piece Season 1 Episode 3

One Piece Netflix Episode 3
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One Piece Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

After its second episode, the interest in watching this series increases even more because of the way Luffy faces problems one after the other. Luffy solves these problems with so much enjoyment that it becomes fun to watch the scene.
At the beginning of the episode, Luffy, Zoro, and Nami reach Gecko Island in search of a boat where they have to go to a village called Syrup. When all three reach that village, they meet Usopp in the same boat. Usopp Belongs to the town and has been very famous since childhood for repeatedly shouting the same thing and saying, “Pirates are coming.”

Usopp is doing some work inside a boat when he hears Luffy and Nami talking about the need for a ship, after which he takes them to the boat’s owner, Kaya. She is a nice girl, so Usopp takes the team to the boat’s owner. Uspoo takes Luffy, Zoro, and Nami to meet Kaya, where it is revealed that she is very ill because her parents are no longer in this world, so she is broken and remains sick most of the time. Luffy and his team go to the house, and when Kaya is alone in her room, Usopp enters secretly through a secret door and starts talking a lot, where it is known that both Usopp and Kaya are very close. They are good friends, and they often meet secretly in this room. Kaya and Usopp always meet alone because Kaya is wealthy while Usopp is a poor boy working in a boat.
Everyone in the house meets for dinner at night, and Zoro becomes a little suspicious of Kaya’s butler, Klahadore. Everyone in the house talks about each other, with Luffy telling Kaya that he and his group are pirates. We are here to get a boat, after which we will head towards the Grand Line as we look for One Piece. Kaya and her butler go to their respective rooms from Luffy’s talk because everyone is too scared of Luffy’s words. Grap, on the other hand, continues to test Koby to recruit him into the Marines and eventually takes him on a mission where they will capture Luffy and his gang.


Arlong kidnaps Buggy the Clown and is about to kill Buggy, but before that, Buggy tells him that a boy named Luffy D. Monkey has escaped after stealing the map of the Grand Line, and now he has the map of the Grand Line. And now he’s moving forward to get One Piece. Arlong thinks this is a joke, but after a while, he realizes he is telling the truth. That same night, Kaya and Nami meet each other and discuss some things. When Kaya’s lawyer meets Klahadore that very night, Klahadore kills Kaya’s lawyer, Merry. At night, when Zoro and Uspoo go to the cellar under the house in search of alcohol, they find Merry’s body there. Before they can understand anything, Klahadore arrives there and reveals his identity to Zoro as a pirate. Klahadore has the power of speed, so he knocks Zoro unconscious. Still, Usoop manages to escape from there and goes out and starts shouting loudly that the pirates have come, but no one believes him because he has done this before. No pirates have come, so he runs out of the house screaming like this, and when no one comes to help him, he sits there. And then Koby comes there and tells Osoop that I know pirates have come. Koby arrives with his entire Marine team to capture Luffy and his crew.

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