One Piece Web Series All Episodes Netflix, Review and Recap

One Piece All Episodes Netflix, All Episodes Review and Recap
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One Piece All Episodes Netflix all in one overview

One Piece is a web series in which you will see everything like action, adventure, drama, magic, and everything the audience looks for in a web series. One Piece has a total of 8 episodes, out of which all the episodes are around 50 to 60 minutes long.
The web series created by Matt Owens and Steven Maeda is based on a boy named Luffy who wants to become the greatest pirate in the world. Luffy has set out on this journey alone, and his only aim is to become the greatest pirate in the world. Luffy is greatly influenced by one of his idols, Gold Roger, who was the world’s greatest pirate and hides his lifetime’s earnings in the middle of the ocean, which is known as One Piece.
People like this web series very much because the characters shown in this web series and the acting done by them are praiseworthy. So much attention has been given to all the characters and their character building, and also, all the characters have their own separate story so that you can connect with each character very well. It is only after the release of this web series that it made its name in many records on Netflix because this web series is a masterpiece.

One Piece All Episodes Netflix Review

One Piece web series starts with a pirate named Gold Roger, the greatest pirate in the world and has the world’s most enormous bounty on him. Gold Roger is arrested by some marines and sentenced to death. Gold Roger is taken to the city centre to strike fear in people’s hearts and prevent future pirates. He goes and gets killed among millions of people. When Gold Roger is about to die, he tells all the people there to stop living on land and go into the water because he has hidden all his life’s money in a place called Grand Line, which is in the sea. The name is One Piece. After this statement, Gold Roger is killed, but now the desire to find One Piece has awakened among the people, and everyone is ready to risk their lives to find One Piece.

The story is shown 20 years later to a boy, Monkey D. Luffy, who has only one wish to become the world’s greatest pirate, and he tells everyone that one day he will become the world’s greatest pirate. He looks for a team for his work because it is impossible to find One Piece alone, for which he always tries to make new friends by going to new places, but no one agrees to come to him for a team. Whenever he tells anyone that he will go to the Grand Line to find One Piece and become the greatest pirate in the world, people make fun of him because he is a skinny-looking boy who only talks big. Monkey D. Luffy later gets some new friends with different stories, so people watching this web series can connect very well with all these characters because each character has a story of his past. Due to this, a different perspective has been set regarding their character building. When the story of any character from childhood till its last moments is shown together in one free view, everyone becomes interested in that character and able to connect himself. The best thing about it is that it will give you all kinds of enjoyment. If you like action web series, you will get to see top-class action scenes in it. If you want comedy, it has comedy and adventure; if you like magic, if you like any of these things, you will get all these things in the series. One Piece is one of the best web series on Netflix, with nine episodes, all about 50 to 60 minutes long.

Talking about the characters of the story, all its characters have acted very well. Undoubtedly, all its characters are good actors because of how they have performed in this web series; sometimes, you cannot feel whether he is a character in a story or whether all these things are happening to someone in real life.
All the characters in it have different abilities; they all have superpowers, and the speciality of all these superpowers is that you have never seen them in any movie or web series.
When Monkey D. Luffy finds a gang of his own, he joins them, steals the Grand Line map and sets out to find One Piece, but he has no idea what lies behind that map. Behind One Piece, the big pirates of this world have been studying for a long time, due to which many problems come in Monkey D. Luffy’s life and due to this, Straw Hat Crew members also have to face many problems.

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Episodes 1 (Romance Dawn) Recap

In episode 1 of One Piece, Gold Roger, the world’s greatest pirate, is shown who is arrested by some marine soldiers and is about to be killed. Gold Roger tells everyone present there that he has hidden his entire life’s money in a place called Grand Line, which is called One Piece. After this statement of Gold Roger, there is a stampede among all the people present there, and everyone starts searching for the map of the Grand Line because now everyone wants One Piece.
The story is shown 20 years later when a boy named Monkey D Luffy is roaming in a small boat in the East Blue and talking to himself that one day he will become the greatest pirate in the world. For some reason, there is a hole in his boat, after which he locks himself in a box and reaches the pirate ship, which is captained by Alvida, who is very cruel. Monkey D Luffy has a superpower by which he can extend any part of his body like elastic, and he got this power by eating Devil Fruit. After defeating everyone on Alvida’s ship, Luffy brings with him a boy named Koby, and this boy has only one dream: to join the Marines and help the helpless people.

Luffy wants only one thing: the map of the Grand Line, for which he reaches the Marines’ base; after going there, he tries to steal the map of the Grand Line, where he meets Roronoa Zoro, a great swordsman. Some time ago, Zoro had killed Marine Captain Morgan’s son Helmeppo for talking to a girl, after which he surrendered himself to Morgan. After this, Morgan arrests Zoro and ties him up, and then Luffy comes there and saves Zoro and helps him escape from that place. When Luffy goes inside to steal the map of the Grand Line, he meets a girl named Naami, who has also gone to steal the same map that Luffy is after. The three (Luffy, Zoro, and Naami)manage to escape after defeating Morgan, and Luffy leaves his friend Koby there because Luffy wants Koby to become a good marine so he can help people. Luffy leaves Koby there and goes on his journey from there with a ship, and he has to complete that journey only by going to the Grand Line and getting One Piece.

Episodes 2 (The Man in the Straw Hat) Recap

At the beginning of The Man in the Straw Hat” Episode 2, when Luffy, Zoro and Naomi are sailing ahead in a boat, they are attacked by Buggy The Clown, a pirate. He captures all the people of Orange Town and takes them to one of his private circuses, making them laugh and cry at will. Before Luffy realizes that it will not be long before he is captured. Luffy hides the map of the Grand Line by putting it in his stomach. Joker asks all three of them about the map of the Grand Line, after which no one says anything. Then, Joker puts Luffy in a tank filled with seawater. Later, Luffy starts drowning, but Zoro and Nami arrive at the right time and save Luffy. When Luffy tries to kill Joker, he comes to know that Joker has the power to separate all the parts of his body. Due to this, Luffy and Zoro cannot kill Buggy, but together, they separate all the parts of Buggy the Clown and lock them in a box, after which he cannot do anything. Luffy and his companions free all the people imprisoned there and, after taking many blessings to the people of that village, move ahead from the town towards their destination, Grand Line.

Episodes 3 (Tell No Tales) Recap

Episode 3 begins with Luffy and his Straw Hat Crew arriving in the nearby village of Syrup, located on the Gecko Islands, searching for a ship. There, they meet a boy named Usopp, who takes Luffy and his team to his owner, Kaya. Kaya is a wealthy girl, but her health is very bad because her parents are no longer in this world, so she remains ill. When Luffy and his Straw Hat Crew go to Kaya’s house, they find Kalhadore, Kaya’s butler and the captain of the Black Cat Pirates, who kills Kaya’s lawyer. When Zoro and Usopp discover this,

Kalhadore renders Zoro unconscious with his super-speed powers and throws him into a large pit outside the house. Osopp somehow escapes from there and starts shouting loudly that the pirates have come, the pirates have come, but no one believes him because he has done such things before. Osopp runs out screaming, and then Koby arrives with his Marine team.

Episodes 4 (The Pirates Are Coming) Recap

At the beginning of episode 4, when Usopp meets the marine soldiers, he tells them everything and that pirates have entered Kaya’s house. After this, Koby and his team reach Kaya’s home, where They meet Kalhadore at the gate. Kalhadore denies any pirates here and tells Koby that Usopp has been spreading such false rumours since childhood like a madman. It is heard that pirates have come to Kaya’s house. Kalhadore also tells the Marines that the person the Marines are looking for is in this house, and then Kalhadore hands Luffy over to the Marines.

Luffy has drunk much poisonous soup, due to which he lies unconscious. Due to this, Kalhadore hands him over to the Marines, and Luffy cannot do anything. Zoro rescues from the pit, saves Luffy from the Marines, returns to Kaya’s house, fights with Kalhadore, and defeats them all. Kaya also learns that Kalhadore is a pirate, so she becomes happy with Luffy and his team and gives them a significant ship to move towards the Grand Line. On the way, they are attacked by Marine soldiers, after which it is revealed that Grap is Luffy’s grandfather.

Episodes 5 (Eat at Baratie) Recap

Luffy and his Straw Hat Crew somehow manage to escape from Grap’s attack, but at the same time, the question arises in his team members’ minds: how can Grap be Luffy’s grandfather? Luffy’s team escapes from there and reaches a restaurant named Baratie, where they meet a boy named Sanji. Zeff, the owner of Baratie, feeds Luffy and his team, and since Luffy has no money, Zeff makes Lagi wash all the dishes.

Grap assigns Warlord Dracule Mihawk, one of the world’s seven great warriors, to capture Luffy. Mihawk comes to capture Luffy, but Zoro challenges Mihawk to a sword fight. Nami refuses Zoro for this fight, but Zoro wants to do this fight to become the greatest swordsman in the world. When a battle begins between Zoro and Mihawk, Zoro loses and gets badly injured. Mihawk spares Zoro’s life and says he will become a great warrior one day.

Episodes 6 (The Chef and the Chore Boy) Recap

Zoro is seriously injured after the fight, after which Luffy and his team bring him back to the restaurant and treat Zoro with the help of Zeff. While Zoro remains unconscious, Sanji tells Luffy and his crew about his and Zeff’s past, how they met each other, and how they work together today. Both Zeff and Sanji are in search of All Blue. All Blue is a place where all the fish of the sea live. Koby learns about Luffy and Grap’s relationship and how Grap wanted Luffy to join the Marines, but Luffy has wanted to be a pirate since childhood. While everyone is treating Zoro in Baratie, Arlong arrives there, a fisherman who has gone there to capture Luffy because Luffy has the map of the Grand Line. Buggy the Clown hides one of his ears in Luffy’s hat, so Buggy gets all the information about Luffy, which Buggy gives to Arlongg. Luffy learns one more thing: Nami is a member of Arlongg’s gang. Arlong leaves from there with both Map and Nami.

Episodes 7 (The Girl with the Sawfish Tattoo) Recap

When Luffy, Zoro, and Osopp reach Nami’s village, Coco, Luffy realizes that Alrong rules this village and forcibly takes money from the people there. When Luffy gets complete information about this, he understands that Nami is helpless because she has promised to give 100 million Berries to Arlong in exchange for this village. After all, if she does not do so, then Arlong will kill the entire village. It would have killed him like he did to Nami’s mother.
On the other hand, Grap searches for Luffy at the same restaurant Zeff owns. Nami arranged for 100 million berries in Coco village. As soon as she goes to give that money to Arlong, some marine soldiers come there and take all of Nami’s money and leave from there, after which Nami gets wholly broken and asks for Luffy’s help.

Episodes 8 (Worst in the East) Recap

The people of Coco Village decide that they will now help Luffy and his team and will support Luffy until they destroy Arlong and his entire team. They all go to Alrong’s base, and there, they all together defeat Arlong and the Fishman team. Luffy now saves the village from Arlong, and as soon as he notices this, Grap arrives there with his marine squad. Grap tells Luffy that he should have become a marine; he still has a chance to come with us and join the Marines, but Luffy flatly refuses to make Grap the greatest pirate in the world. Now Grap understands this is his destination, and then Grap leaves with his team. Luffy has now become the biggest pirate in the world with massive posters on which there is a reward for capturing Luffy, dead or alive, and this reward is one of the most significant rewards ever. Now Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Osopp leave to find their destination, One Piece, as the Straw Hat Crew.

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