Percy Jackson Episode 1 Review And Recap

Percy Jackson Episode 1 Review
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Percy Jackson and the Olympians is an American fantasy television series created by Rick Riordan. It is a television series based on a book also named Percy Jackson and The Olympians. This series was streamed on Disney+ on December 19, 2023, and two episodes have been released so far (December 20). There are a total of 8 episodes of this television series

Note: This post may contain some spoilers related to Percy Jackson And The Olympians Tv Series

Percy Jackson Episode 1 Review

This series is based on a 12-year-old boy who is half-blood. It is a child born from the union of a human being and God. He is doing everything well in his normal life, but one day he comes to know that he has some superpowers. Actually, when Percy Jackson was young, he used to have many visions, due to which he was getting very troubled in his day-to-day life, and when he used to tell someone all this, he used to see some monsters around him. When people look closer, they don’t believe him.

He started getting very troubled by all these things, after which he started living apart from everyone in his class. He also has a friend named Grover Underwood, and they both often spend time together. They both study in the same class, and the kids in that class don’t like Percy at all because he was always making pictures of monsters that he saw in front of him or in his vision.

Percy Jackson has superpowers that he doesn’t know about, and one day, when a girl in his class jokingly throws something at his friend, Percy gets angry and goes to her. She is touched and thrown into the water, after which he again sees a monster that is about to kill him, but suddenly everything becomes perfect there. Percy is expelled from school for pushing Nancy into the water, after which he goes home, where he learns that he is a half-blood and that it is very difficult for him to live a pure life.

This first episode of Percy Jackson and The Olympians can be said to be made for character building because the way each character is slowly coming to know about his potential will give a different impression in future episodes.

All the actors have done amazing acting, and hardly anyone will have any complaints about their cast. Its first episode sets a dark theme in this series, and from this, we can guess how dark and action-packed the upcoming episodes can be. Its music and cinematography are very good, and the way they are building the characters of this series is going to prove to be a very good thing for this series in the future. In its first episode, some master is shown who looks quite dangerous, and his CGI seemed a little lacking, but overall things were good. There were a few mistakes that can be ignored, but otherwise, this episode was very good.

The next episodes can be even better because in the post-credit scene at the end of this episode, we can see that now Percy Jackson has returned to Half Blood’s camp, where he will meet other children like him, and there Percy will learn things.

Percy Jackson Episode 1 Recap

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At the beginning of the episode, Percy is shown standing on a rooftop, looking at someone, when a teacher comes and takes him down. The teacher tries to find out where Percy is. What is he looking for there, but he doesn’t see anything? When both of them go down, a monster is shown there, which Percy is watching.

In fact, Percy always sees monsters that no one else ever sees. He has a very good friend whose name is Grover Underwood, and they both always stay together, but all the boys and girls in the school hate them because their behavior is a little different. While he is on a trip, he meets Mr. Brunner, who gives him a ball-point pen. Percy stands there thinking about his mother as her mother tells him how he came to be named Percy. Going further from there, when all the children are having lunch, Nancy comes there and throws something at Percy and his friend Grover, after which Percy gets angry and is about to push Nancy. But before that, Nancy falls into the water, and all this happens due to Percy’s power.

Everyone is surprised to see this power of Jackson, and then there he again sees a monster that goes to attack him, but with the pen given to him by Mr. Burnner, he kills the monster, and the monster disappears from there.

Because of all these actions by Percy Jackson, a meeting is called, and he is sent back home. When he is going back home, he meets Mr. Burnner, and he asks him if you have any questions you can ask me. You can ask, or if you want to talk to me about what’s going on with you, you can, but Percy Jackson doesn’t want to talk to them, so he goes to his mother.

When he reaches his mother, he tells her everything about what is happening to him and what kind of monster he has always seen around him that no one else can see. When his mother comes to know about this So she tells Percy Jackson that you are not a normal boy; you are a half-blood. After this, Percy Jackson is surprised and asks his mother what this is. His mother tells him that you are not like normal boys because you were born from the union of a god and a human, due to which you have some powers and cannot live your life normally in this world. After this, Percy Jackson becomes very surprised, and he believes in all these things. He doesn’t, but after repeated persuasion from his mother, he agrees, after which his mother takes him to a location so that Percy can explain everything to Jackson properly.


When Percy Jackson and his mother are talking to each other, Percy Jackson’s mother is explaining to him how he is different from other people and what powers he has, then Grover comes there. Percy Jackson is quite surprised, but when Percy Jackson’s mother tells him that Grover is also a half-blood, Percy Jackson is completely surprised because, before today, he had always lived with Percy Jackson, and he was with him because he protected Percy Jackson. Percy Jackson has a lot of questions in his mind, due to which he gets very upset, but then they talk about a monster, after which Percy Jackson’s mother tries to quickly get him out of the location. And while all three of them are going in the car, the monster comes behind them.

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All three of them try very hard to get rid of the monsters, and all three of them want to somehow take Percy Jackson to the Half-Blood’s camp because no monsters can come there. Percy Jackson’s mother and Grover try very hard to escape from the monsters. But it is very difficult to save him, after which his mother comes up with an idea and sends Percy Jackson and Grover away from her, and she herself diverts the attention of the monster and brings him towards her, after which the monster kills Percy Jackson’s mother. After which Percy Jackson gets angry, and he creates a sword from the pen given by Mr. Burner and attacks the monster with the sword, but the monster is very powerful, and he attacks Percy Jackson. After a fight between them, Percy Jackson somehow manages to get on top of him, breaks his horn, and rams it into his head, killing the monster.

Everyone is surprised to see this ability of Percy Jackson, and then Percy Jackson and Grover go to the Half Blood Camp, where there are many people to welcome them.

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