Percy Jackson Episode 2 Hulu Review and Recap

Percy Jackson Episode 2 Hulu Review and Recap
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Percy Jackson Episode 2 Hulu Review and Recap :

Episode 2 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians was released on December 19, 2023, and is streamed on Disney+ and Hulu along with episode 1. Episode 2 begins at Camp of Half-Blood, where Percy is resting slightly injured after killing a monster named Minotaur. He wakes up and starts exploring the new place, where he meets his friend Grover as well as the camp director, Mr. D.

As he spends time there, he discovers some strange things, such as discovering that Mr. Brunner, whose name is Chiron, is actually a centaur. Percy Jackson comes to know many more such secrets, and he is stopped in G Camp, where all the children are divided into different categories, which are given according to their parents. Nothing is known about Percy Jackson’s parents, due to which he is put in a different group in which he meets many friends, and together with those friends, he starts a new journey where he meets different people, learns things, and participates in different games.

Episode 2 doesn’t reveal much, but its focus remains on only one thing: who are Percy Jackson’s parents? Percy Jackson stays in this camp so that he can find out who his parents are. Who is he, and who has raised him till date, whether his mother is alive or dead? Percy Jackson’s time is just beginning to go well when Percy Jackson gets into a fight with some girls from another group in the camp because the other group members believe that how can a small child defeat such a big monster? People there think that he has come by lying, due to which other people there hate him.

Percy Jackson also gets some friends who take good care of him, and during a game, Percy Jackson’s friendship with them becomes even better because they understand each other well and take care of each other. When Percy Jackson learns that his father is Poseidon, a sea god, he is very happy to see this, after which he is shifted to Poseidon Kevin.

This episode of Percy Jackson is an average episode because it does not tell us much but is limited to some of its games and some activities. Yes, at the end of the episode, we get some things clear, like Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon, whose After this, there is going to be some interest in this episode, but by then, this episode has reached its last hour. Overall, this episode is good, but it could have been better.

Because in this also the same normal things have been shown, which we have been seeing since very old times, like if you go to a new place, you will meet some good people and some bad people, and the same happens with Percy Jackson too. He makes some good friends, and at the same time, some people there hate him very much. So we have been seeing all this for a long time, so maybe you may not find this episode that interesting, but in the end, when it is revealed that Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon, there is a little twist in the story because Percy Jackson’s mother is still alive, and now it remains to be seen how Percy Jackson finds his mother.

Percy Jackson Episode 2 Hulu Recap

Percy Jackson Episode 2 Hulu Review and Recap
Image Credit: Disney+

At the beginning of Percy Jackson Episode 2, we see Percy Jackson in this camp, where he is resting in a room after getting slightly injured after killing a monster named Minotaur. Until he sees Annabeth there, and before he can talk to her, his eyes fall again, and he goes back to sleep. When he wakes up, he sees Grover sitting next to him, and they both talk to each other and go outside, where he meets Mr. D. Percy Jackson asks Mr. D about his parents, after which Mr. D tells Percy Jackson that he is Percy Jackson’s father, after which Jackson becomes a little soft, and then Brunner comes there.

Percy Jackson is quite surprised to see Mr. Brunner because Mr. Brunner’s real name is Chiron and he is a centaur. Chiron tells Percy Jackson that Mr. Dee is not his father, and they both talk together and go towards the camp, where he finds many children, and everyone is divided into different categories according to their parents. All the children there were surprised to see Percy Jackson because they could not believe how a small child could kill such a big monster.


Nothing is known about Percy Jackson’s parents, due to which he is put in the Hermes cabin. This is a cabin in which the parents of the children living there do not know to which God those children are related. When she goes to Winchester, she meets a boy named Luke, and they both become good friends. There is also a group of girls in which a girl named Clarissse does not trust Percy Jackson, and she thinks that Percy Jackson has come here by lying. After this, she takes her two friends and goes to Percy. She attacks Jackson and tries to put his mouth in the toilet, but Percy Jackson has some powers, due to which he defeats all three of them, and all three run away from there.

Percy Jackson finds a girl in this group whose name is Annabeth, and her job is to protect Percy Jackson. People from all the camps participate in a game called Capture the Flag. In this, two groups are formed: the first group consists of Clarisse and her team, who are represented by the color red, and the second group consists of Percy, Annabeth, and Luke. At the beginning of the game, Annabeth shows Percy some magic that causes Annabeth to disappear as soon as she puts on a hat. Actually, she lives there, but her body is not visible there.

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Shortly after the start of the game, Percy Jackson is attacked by Clarisse and her two friends, after which Percy Jackson survives with great difficulty by fighting, on the other hand, the blue team, i.e., Percy Jackson’s team. This game has been won, and here Percy Jackson is continuously attacked by those three girls, but Percy Jackson somehow saves himself by fighting with all three of them and defeats all three of them in this fight. During this, Percy Jackson gets injured a lot, after which Annabeth comes there and pushes Percy Jackson into the nearby river. As soon as Percy Jackson falls into the water, all the wounds on his body heal on their own. It starts happening, and at the same time, he sees a big trident there.

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There, Percy Jackson and all his friends learn that Percy Jackson’s father is Poseidon, the god of the sea. After this, Percy Jackson is sent to Poseidon’s cabin to live, and at the same time, he also learns that his mother is still alive.

Along with all this, Percy Jackson comes to know some more things, like that Zeus has accused his father of stealing the Master Bolt, and if the Master Bolt is not returned to Zeus within a week, then a war will start. Later, Percy Jackson is given the task of finding the Master Bolt.

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