Reacher Season 2 Cast Dixon And Others

Reacher Season 2 Episode 2 Recap
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Reacher is an American action crime television series created by Nick Santora, and so far, two seasons have been released, of which only four episodes of season 2 have been released (December 22).  Talking about its cast, big actors have worked in it, the list of which is given below.

Karla Dixon (Serinda Swan)

Reacher Season 2 Cast Dixon: Reacher Season 2 introduces a character named Dixon, played by Canadian actress Serinda Swan. This is a very promising lady on Reacher’s team who works as a forensic accountant in corporate risk management. She has been in the news since Reacher Season 2 because many people have been impressed by her looks and her acting skills.  She is a member of Reacher’s group 110th, and she is currently working underground. When Dixon learns that people on her team are being killed, she meets the teacher and Frances Neagley, and she now starts working with them and gets all the information related to the case.

In the Reacher series, there is a little attachment between Dixon and Reacher, but because Reacher is the head of 110th, he is unable to do anything even if he wants to, and even after several offers from Dixon’s side, he avoids everything from Dixon. And till now, until episode 4, no special connection has been seen between them. Yes,  it is a different thing that both of them have spent the night with each other once or twice because now Reacher is not the boss of 110th.

Reacher (Alan Ritchson)

Alan Ritchson has once again returned in season 2 as Reacher. He is a former US military policeman who now investigates some special cases with his own team, the 110th. Some people in this 110th group start getting killed by unknown people, after which Reacher teams up with the remaining members of his old team and tries to find the murderer. Reacher and Dixon have been shown very close in Season 2, due to which their love bonding can be seen in the upcoming episodes.

Frances Neagley (Maria Sten)

She is the first actress since Maria Sten Reacher to return in season 2. She is an ex-Army master sergeant and corporate security professional who informs Reacher after the murder of her friends and, along with her remaining team, tries to find the murderer. She is one of Reacher’s best friends. She has worked with Reacher for many years, and now both of them have become very good friends. His acting skills are amazing, and the way he has built his character in this series is praiseworthy.

David O’Donnell (Shaun Sipos)

David O’Donnell’s character is one of the most loved. He has been a member of Reacher’s 110th group, and now he is a lawyer and lives a normal life with his family. When one day he comes to know that his friends are being murdered, without thinking anything, he reaches out to his friend and boss, Reacher, for help. This is the only character who has fun with people and irritates them even during serious topics, which makes this character quite interesting.

A.M. (Ferdinand Kingsley)

This series is incomplete without Ferdinand Kingsley because he is playing the role of a villain in this series, and his acting is amazing in this series. In this series, he is a mercenary and terrorist weapon buyer who is associated with big businessmen. There are many names in the Reacher series.

Shane Langston Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick, as Shane Langston, is playing the role of head of security for a private defense contractor. He is playing the role of the boss of the villain in this series, who is killing the members of Reacher’s team one by one by keeping different villains inside him.

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