Secret Invasion Review, Recap and Cast

Secret Invasion Review, Recap and Cast
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Secret Invasion is an American TV series created by Kyle Bradstreet. It is based on a Marvel Comics character, also titled Secret Invasion. So far, four episodes of this web series have come, and it will have six episodes. The first episode of this web series was released on June 21, 2023, on Disney+, and this entire web series will be shown on Disney+. The director of this web series is Ali Selim. In this web series, we are shown Nick Fury as a hero.

This web series is about a promise made with the Skrulls. A long time ago, Nick Fury and Captain Marvel promised the Skrulls that they would find a new planet for them. Even before Nick Fury could do this, Thanos would wipe out half the world with his Infinity Stones, after which people forget everything. But now the Skrulls are back, and instead of going to another planet, they are planning to make this planet their own.

Skrulls are aliens who can take the form of anyone and do everything like those whose form they take. With the help of some technology, they read the mind of an average person, and then they start living amid ordinary people as if they are also an average human.

Warning: This post may contain spoilers related to the web series Secret Invasion.


At the beginning of the web series, we are shown Ross ke Everett, an agent, and he goes to meet Agent Prescode, who is aware of th1e attacks done by the Skrolls and has understood the plans of the Skrolls. It happens that they want to rule this earth by waging war between two countries and making everyone fight with each other, weakening this world.

Agent Prescode tells Everett that he has a lot of evidence to prove that the Skrolls want to rule the world. After listening to Agent Prescod, Agent Ross says that if such a danger is hovering over us, we should tell Nick Fury about it because Nick Fury has now become a friend of Skrulls, so he probably knows about it. Know everything Agent Everett Ross asks Prescod if you have any evidence we can show Nick Fury to convince him. Agent Prescod shows Ross a 3D video, with which Ross starts walking, and Agent Prescod comes to know that it is also a Skrulls. After this, he starts fighting with Ross and is about to kill him, and Agent Ross Agent Kills Prescode. From there, Agent Ross runs away with all the evidence that a man falls behind him, and while running, Agent Ross falls from a building and dies; after death, Agent Ross comes to his real avatar, That he was also a Skrull.


There we come to know some things, The agent who was following Ross is also a Skrull as well as he is also a perfect friend of Nick Fury; not all Skrulls are bad. Some Skrulls are good too, and The bad guys team up with the humans to kill the Skrulls. After knowing all this, Maria Hill sends a message to Nick Fury that the world is now in danger. Nick Fury returns to Earth from Sebar following a message from Maria Hill. Nick Fury meets Talos on Earth and informs him of the dangers ahead.

Talos tells Nick about Gravik, who is forming his separate organization that recruits Skrulls who want to rule the world. Grafik is doing this because his people always have to remain silent, because of which he has now thought that he will judge the world by creating riots in the world. When the President of the United States asks about the reason for Nick Fury’s return, James Roddi tells him that the Skrulls’ increasing attacks are behind Nick Fury’s downfall. Everyone knows that Nick Fury is the only person who has known about the Skrulls. For the last 30 years, he also recognizes them well.

It is nighttime, and Nick is out for a walk when two goons catch him and take him to Sonia, an ex-CIA agent, where Nick learns that the Skrulls. We will soon launch an attack. They are planning this attack will happen in the US because some time ago, Skrulls. had bought a lot of bombs from Kazakhstan.

The next day we learn of a place that no one knows about except the Skrulls. There comes a boy who goes by the name of Beto, and he has come to join the organization created by Gravik because he also wants to rule this earth. Same on us G’iah

are shown taking Beto to Gravik, where we learn that these people have been capturing many average Americans and taking their form and all the information in their brains.
One of Garvik’s companions tells him that Nick Fury has come to know about our plan, so whatever has to be done now has to be done quickly. Garvik then sends his best team member, G’iah, to collect the bomb. As she is about to bring the bomb, Talos follows her and tries to stop her, and it is revealed in passing that G’iah is Talos’ daughter. Talos tells his daughter that the boy she is supporting killed her mother.

When G’iah comes to know all this, she obeys her father and tells him about the whole plan that Garvik 3 will blast the bomb the next day on Unity Day. Everyone thinks that G’iah is helping them, but she deceives everyone and puts her father, Nick Fury and Maria behind three different people, after which Garvik very quickly detonates the bomb, killing many people. People get killed.
Maria is about to capture Garvik, but he disguises himself as Nick Fury and shoots Maria. When the real Nick Fury arrived, Maria had already been killed.


Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

Ben Mendelsohn as Talos

Don Cheadle Rhodey

Kingsley Ben-Adir Gravik

Cobie Smulders Maria Hill

Emilia Clarke as G’iah

Samuel Adewunmi as Beto

Killian Scott as Pagon

Olivia Colman as Sonya Falsworth

Irmena Chichikova as Kreega

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