Secret Invasion Season 1 Episode 2

Secret Invasion Review, Recap and Cast
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Secret Invasion Season 1 Episode 2 Story overview

This episode shows us the danger coming in the future of the Skrulls, how the Skrulls are sitting in all the prominent positions of the country and the world and are planning the world war.
The episode also does some good character-building, with Gravik having slightly more powers than normal Skrulls. Gravik has now become the new commander of the Skrulls, allowing him to wreak havoc now and then.
Due to some mistakes, Nick Fury was removed from his post, after which he was utterly broken.
It will be exciting to see what Nick Fury’s next plan is and how he will stop Gravik.

Secret Invasion Season 1 Episode 2 Story

Secret Invasion Episode 2 begins in 1995 when Nick Fury and Captain Marvel rescue some of the Skrulls from the destruction of their planet, allowing the Skrulls to remain on Earth.
Some time ago, when the Skrulls’ planet was destroyed, Nick Fury and Captain Marvel promised to find a new world for the Skrulls and say that until we find a new planet for all of you, you people will live on Earth. But you can stay. Two years later, the story shows Nick Fury and Talos talking with many Skrulls and promising them that they will soon find a new planet for them. In the midst of all this, we are shown G’iah and Gravik, who are still young children.

Gravik, whose parents die in a war, and Gravik somehow escapes by driving a spaceship alone. Gravik hates Earthlings because he has to live on Earth in the form of a man.
Talos tells his fellow Skrulls to trust Nick Fury and tells them that we must live on Earth in disguise until everything is fixed. Gravik disagrees with Talos, and we can see the hatred and revenge in his eyes.


The story now shifts to the present day when Gravić detonates a bomb blast killing many civilians. There is a companion of Gravik who, after the bomb blast, shouts that I am an American. Gravik and his gang want to start a war between Russia and America to make it easier for the Skrulls to take over Earth.
Some policemen arrest one of Graavik’s accomplices, G’iah, and Gravik escapes just in time.

The people of Moscow think that all this is happening because of Nick Fury, so Nick Fury has to leave Moscow and run away, and Talos supports him. Talos and Nick Fury talk a lot on the train, where Nick Fury learns that the number of Skrulls on Earth is not 20 30 but in millions, after which Nick Fury talks rudely to Talos and gets angry at him for hiding what this thing. After which, Talos leaves the place angry.

Now Nick Fury comes to London, where Mariya is cremated like a martyr. Maria’s mother is also there, and she asks Nick Fury the reason for her daughter’s death, after which Nick tells her that her daughter was killed because of saving her life. Some Skrulls came to kill me, but your daughter died while protecting me. Maria’s mother tells Nick that he must have given his life for some purpose, don’t let his life go to waste.

The episode further shows Gi’ah and Gravik on their way to a council meeting. PM, CM, and people of higher positions from different countries come to the forum. Gravik also goes there, after which we know these PM CMs are all Skrulls. There, everyone starts getting angry at Gravik because, due to Gravik, the world war has come, after which a lot of pressure comes on all the PM CMs. There Gravik gets very angry with those people’s words and hits a Skrull hard, after which everyone gets on his side. There everyone together makes Gravik the leader of the Skrulls.

Some Skrulls do not support Gravik. After that, when Gravik returns to his team, everyone welcomes him enthusiastically as Gravik is now their leader. When the President, PM, and CM of big countries are all sitting in a meeting, everyone blames Nick Fury. They all decide that he will have to resign from his post. Rhodey is now at the top of the United States, after which he meets Nick Fury and fires him from his position.

After this, the scene shifts to Soniya, who has been an EX Agent, and goes to other people who were caught in the attack in Moscow and tries to know the truth from them. She tortures the arrested Skrull, but he is powerful and doesn’t tell the truth quickly, after which Soniya gives Skrull an injection, after which Skrull starts getting body red. It hurts so much that she says something; Soniya tells her to. Before Sonia can ask him more, the head of Skrull, i.e., Gravik and G’iah, come and save him. When Gravik sees his partner, he understands that he must have said something to the CIA people, after which he kills his partner on the way. The scene shifts to Nick Fury’s house, where we are shown a Skrull cooking a meal; as soon as Nick Fury reaches his home, the Skrull transforms into a woman, after which Nick Fury kisses her. The episode ends with the suspense of whether she is Nick Fury’s real wife or Sakrul.

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