Sex Education Season 4 Episode 1 Cast And Recap

Sex Education Season 4 Episode 1 Cast And Recap
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Sex Education Season 4 Episode 1 Cast And Recap

Episode 1 begins with the children of The Moordale School now attending their new college, Cavendish College, for further studies. Many of the Moordale School children transfer to Cavendish College, along with Otis and Eric. Maeve, who is now living in the US because she wants to become a good writer, starts working under a professor so that he can make Maeve her intern.

Maeve and Otis try to maintain their long-distance relationship, but due to things not going well between them, they often have minor fights. When Maeve sends some of her explicit images to Otis, Otis replies by taking images of some of his parts and tries to send them to Maeve, but he is unable to because Otis is afraid that Maeve might not return from the US.
When the children of Moordale School go to their new college, they see that this college is completely different from their old school where all the children are very aware of the environment and also there are many new people in their college. There are also rules which help all the students to create unity and equality among themselves.


Ruby has now improved herself to a great extent and is no longer as obsessed with money as she used to be. She has also become a good friend of Otis, who helps him in opening his new sex therapy clinic in Otis’ new college. Also, a sex therapist already present there helps in removing O from the sex therapy clinic.

Actually, a girl named O already gives sex therapy in that college and has her own social media account, which is followed by thousands of people. Otis doesn’t like this at all because he knows that O has stolen this idea from Otis.

Maeve and Otis often talk on the phone, but when Otis tells Maeve his reason for not sending explicit images, he is afraid of what will happen if She never returns from America. With these things, both of their anger ends because Maeve understands that what Otis says is true to some extent, after which both of them start talking romantically on the phone and satisfy each other on the phone call itself.

Sex Education Season 4 Episode 1 Cast

In season 4 of Sex Education, many cast members have been removed, and many new cast members have also been added. The main cast list of Sex Education Season 4 is given below –

Asa Butterfield as Otis Milburn

Emma Mackey as Maeve Wiley

Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn

Connor Swindells as Adam Groff

Ncuti Gatwa as Eric Effiong

Connor Swindells as Adam Groff

Alistair Petrie as Michael Groff

Mimi Keene as Ruby Matthews

Kedar Williams-Stirling as Jackson Marchetti

Thaddea Graham as Sarah “O” Owen

Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee Gibbs

Alexandra James as Aisha

Lisa McGrillis as Joanna

George Robinson – Isaac Goodwin

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