Shelter 2023 Episode 1 Summary

Shelter 2023 Episode 1 Summary
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Shelter 2023 Episode 1 Summary

At the story’s beginning, we are shown a city named Santa Monica, California, where we see a boy named Mickey playing football and his father talking to someone on the other side. Mickey’s father looks a little upset, after which Mickey tells his father that if he does not have to leave this city and shift somewhere else, then he can stay here. Mickey’s mother also comes there, and all three express their love by hugging each other.

All three are leaving this city and shifting to another city, for which they are traveling in a car. On the way, their car meets with an accident, after which Mickey’s father dies at the same time, and his mother suffers a severe shock, due to which she too is hospitalized for several months.

The story takes place four months later in New Jersey, when Mickey begins living with his aunt, Shira Bolitar, after his father’s death and his mother’s hospitalization. He is not happy with his aunt at all because, inside, he is missing his parents a lot. He leaves home for his school and meets Arthur Spinndel. His school gives Arthur a task to drop Mickey off at his school. Both of them talk a lot about Mickey’s father, after which Mickey becomes a little sad, and Arthur hugs him.

Mickey is on his way to school alone and hears a song, which happens to be the same song Mickey and his parents are listening to in the car when they have an accident. When Mickey reaches that house while listening to the song, it is as if it has been closed for many years. He goes near the house when a woman from the top of that house removes the curtain from the window and sees Mickey, and Mickey goes to school from there. At school he meets Arthur again, and mickey asks Arthur if he knows anything about the haunted house on Hobart Avenue.


Arthur tells her that she is the Bat Lady, the witch of this city who hunts children at night and after telling all this, she shouts and says that there is nothing like that; the house has been empty for many years. He goes to school, Mickey meets Troy Taylor, and they talk to each other; then Troy Taylor’s girlfriend comes there, and a girl comes with her, who is new to the school, whose name is Ashley. They talk a lot and become good friends with each other. A man in her school secretly takes Ashley’s photo and leaves. Ashely and Mickey talk to each other a lot, and in conversation, they learn that they are in the same class. Mickey and Ashely plan a dinner date.

After school, when Mickey returns to his house, he sees the same scary house again on the way, and this time, Mickey goes closer to the house where he sees the Bat lady, and she tells Mickey that Mickey, you have grown up. Mickey gets scared hearing this and asks Bat Lady, how did you know my name? Without answering his question, the Bat lady tells her that her dad is not dead yet. He is still alive, and after saying this, she returns to the same scary house. Mickey goes after him, but that door closes, and then Ema Winslow comes there, and she says to Mickey that no one lives here, so leave here.

Mickey goes home from there, goes to a restaurant to meet Ashely in the evening, and waits for him. Much time passes, but Ashely doesn’t come there and goes home sad. Due to a fight between Mickey and his aunt at home, Mickey runs straight to the Bat lady and starts banging on her door. The police arrive, arrest Mickey, and take him to the police station. She goes.

Mickey’s aunt goes to the police station to rescue him and, while taking him back, tells Mickey that once a boy had disappeared from this city, and he was not found to date, and people believe that Bat Lady should pick him up. Went. Sira also tells Mickey that her father once visited the house. When Mickey’s father, Brad, is 13 years old, some older people tease him and challenge him to go to that house, after which Brad goes and returns after some time. When Mickey returns to school the next day, he asks some friends about Ashley, but no one knows anything.

Mickey goes back to the bat lady’s house, and this time, he is accompanied by Ema and Arthur. They both stop outside the house and send Mickey inside the house. When he goes inside, he sees that no one lives there, but there is a toy of Ashley, which was with Ashley a few days ago. Mickey realizes that Ashley is in big trouble, so Mickey and his friends go to her house, where they see several police cars parked and a man being taken away in an ambulance. When he asks the people of that house, they tell him they do not know any girl named Ashley.

The episode gets very intense from here as many things start happening simultaneously like the guy taking Ashley’s photo goes to the Bat lady, where one of the Bat lady’s men confronts him. Shoots, Ashley’s home address on the other side changes to where Mickey and Arthur have gone; Ashley later finds a gun found by a school friend and a tattoo on Emma Winslow’s body Happens, which is similar to the song from Shelter, and then the bat lady is shown holding a selfie of Mickey and his parents. W

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