Shelter Web Series Upcoming Episodes When All Episodes be on Amazon Prime

Upcoming Episodes of Shelter Web Series 2023
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After the release of 3 episodes at the same time, the question started coming about Upcoming Episodes of Shelter Web Series 2023. The popularity of the Shelter web series by Harlan increased a lot among the people. This web series is a mystery thriller streaming on Amazon Prime. So far, four episodes of the Shelter web series have been released, and there are eight episodes in this web series. Each episode of the Shelter web series is approximately 40 to 50 minutes long.

The Shelter web series, its three episodes, was released on 18th August 2023, after which the popularity of this web series increased a lot among the people. Three parts of this web series were released simultaneously, and after a week, the fourth episode of the Mahabharata series was released, which is named Phantom Threads. After the release of these four episodes, due to the suspense shown, it is becoming complicated for people to wait for a week, so the popularity of this web series is increasing even more.

  • Episode 1- 18th August (Pilot)
  • Episode 2-August 18( Catch Me If U Can)
  • Episode 3-August 18(The Dirt Locker)
  • Episode 4- August 25(Phantom Threads)
  • Episode 5- 1st September (See Me Feel Me Touch Me Heal Me)
  • Episode 6- 8th September (Candy’s Room)
  • Episode 7- 15th September (Sweet Dreams Are Made of This)
  • Episode 8- 22nd September (Found)

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This story is about a boy named Mickey; after his father’s death, he starts living with his aunt and studying in school, where he meets a girl he likes, and she starts dating him both evenings. They plan to meet, but her friend does not turn up there, and the next day, Mickey realizes that her friend has gone missing and no one knows anything about it. The twist in the story comes when Mickey tries to find her friend, where she learns that, like her friend, many other boys have gone missing from this city, and they all have a connection somewhere with Mickey’s father. It also happens to those who are no longer in this world.

The best thing about this web series is that it presents the story in such a way that it is full of thrill and mystery, due to which you cannot guess what will happen next in this web series. As the story progresses with each episode, the story’s mysteries become more and more critical as they unfold. This web series is currently one of the best web series, which is streaming on Amazon Prime. Talking about the episodes of the English web series, its next episode will be released on Amazon Prime on 1st September 2013; you can easily watch it sitting at home.   Talking about the upcoming episodes of this web series, it will release all the episodes after a gap of one week from 18th August.

Should you watch this web series

Should you watch this web series? People’s choice is the biggest reason behind watching any movie or web series. If you are fond of a suspense thriller mystery web series, you will undoubtedly like this one. Shelter will come because this web series is full of mystery; as each episode progresses, the story becomes the fulcrum, and even then, the story gets entangled in itself, due to which you keep watching this web series. You are forced to watch the entire web series without stopping.

This web series is one of the best suspense thriller web series on Amazon Prime.

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