Should We Watch 3 Body Problem Web Series?

Should We Watch 3 Body Problem Web Series?
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Should We Watch 3 Body Problem Web Series: For those who have seen this TV show, they would know it’s a science-fiction television series created by David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and Alexander Woo. The TV show is based on a novel written by Liu Cixin. While we’ve covered some basic information about the TV show, let’s now discuss whether we should watch it or not.

Speaking of 3 Body Problem TV show, as I mentioned earlier, it’s a science-fiction series. If you’re interested in science, then you should definitely watch this series. However, for those who are not enthusiasts of science, whether this series is for them or not, in this TV show, some great future technologies and many social messages are also given. So, it’s not necessary that only if you are a science enthusiast, you should watch this series.

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Instead, throughout 3 Body Problem show, the benefits and drawbacks of technology and its impact have been shown, and it has also been shown how some such technologies in the future are forcing people into suicide by manipulating them mentally, how to avoid such technologies, and how to visualize the future, all of this is available to watch in this TV show.

What is 3 Body Problem TV Show About

3 Body Problem TV show revolves around a group of scientists who are losing their lives due to some unknown reasons, and as they delve deeper into it, it becomes evident that aliens are coming to Earth in the future. Earth’s inhabitants are not as technologically advanced as these aliens at the moment. Because if the people of Earth become as powerful as these aliens, when they arrive on Earth, Earth’s people will defeat them.

It is because of this fear that aliens manipulate some people on Earth by contacting them and manipulating some prominent scientists from different parts of the Earth to commit suicide so that the people of Earth cannot advance much in technology.

3 Body Problem Story Synopsis

The story begins in China in 1960, where ‘Ye Wenji’ witnesses her father being killed and is subsequently imprisoned. After some time, she is taken by military personnel for a project because Ye Wenji’s father was a scientist, which means Ye Wenji also has considerable knowledge of science. She is then involved in a project where some people attempt to contact aliens because they believe that Earth has become highly polluted and crime-ridden, and now only people with new technology like aliens can save Earth.

While Ye Wenji is working on this project, she receives a message from aliens stating that they are pacifists, and if humanity wants to keep Earth safe, they should not respond to this message, otherwise, they will come to Earth and kill everyone.

Ye Wenji sees this message and deliberately responds to it, inviting them to come to Earth. Subsequently, Ye Wenji and the aliens start communicating. However, on the other hand, people on Earth are progressing rapidly in technology, which worries the aliens because if Earth’s people advance too much in technology, the aliens, who took about 400 years to reach Earth, will be defeated.

Then, the alien beings use their technology to manipulate all the top scientists into thinking they are part of a game and force them to commit suicide. This leads to the top scientific minds of the world giving up their lives, which becomes a big problem for the entire world.

In the present day, there are some scientists who play this game and save themselves from dying because they do not let themselves lose the game, and in this way, some scientists and some policemen together attack and arrest those who are in contact with aliens and break their connection with the aliens.

Ye Wenji and her husband create an organization where many people believe in aliens as their gods and think that only aliens can save Earth.

Even after Ye Wenji’s arrest and her husband’s death, the aliens continue to advance towards Earth, which terrifies the people on Earth.

There are many people on Earth who want aliens to come and take control of Earth, and some people who do not want aliens to come to Earth because if they come to Earth, there will be war on Earth.

3 Body Problem web series revolves around this short story, but there is much more to it than this. This was a brief story because there are many casts and characters in it that we haven’t discussed in this article.

If you enjoy suspense, thrill, along with science and technology, you should definitely watch this series. It’s a family-friendly show with no explicit scenes, so it can be enjoyed with your family. The series was released on March 21, 2024, consisting of a total of 8 episodes, all available on Netflix with a premium subscription.

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