Wednesday Episode 3 Review

Wednesday Episode 3 Review
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This episode also follows the pattern of its previous episodes in which problems keep coming in front of Wednesday one after the other. The remarkable thing about these problems is that if Wednesday goes to solve these problems, then she gets trapped in another problem. The episode continues with its love angle in which Wednesday’s roommate Enid dates Alax, which feels strange.

It seems strange to show such scenes in a children’s school. Further in the story, it is revealed that the school celebrates a day like a festival in which all the children of Nevermore go outside the school and meet ordinary people. Wednesday needs to be more precise in answering her questions as she now has the book that Rowan tore a page from and showed it to Wednesday. It is an incomplete page, and when Wednesday adds it, it shows a man with his face hidden. Now Wednesday sets out to find this man, and she learns he is Joseph Crackstone.

The function that is happening in Nevermore School is in its name. She wants to learn more about Josef Crackstone, where she sees a different reality through her visions. Wednesday finally meets the girl who repeatedly appeared in his vision, where he learns that she is the ancestor of the Adam family.


The last 5 minutes of the episode reveal a lot of suspects, which makes the episode even more enjoyable. The first suspect is shown to be Javier, who has a cut on his neck that looks like a monster killed him. While Eugene has also gone out to find something in the woods, the principal tears Wednesday’s mom’s photo from a diary and burns it in the fire. Apart from this, many such turning points make this episode very special.

One notable thing about all the episodes of Wednesday is that its actors’ acting skills are different. The world-building of all the characters, along with Wednesday, is going very well. There are also some characters that you will be able to relate to very easily and connect with just as quickly.


Episode 3 starts from the same point when some people kidnap Wednesday, but when everyone removes their masks, he learns that Bianca and some of her accomplices are there. These people used to come to this library many years back. There is a group of many people in this which are called Night Shades. They all wonder, seeing Wednesday, how did she come to know about this place and what she is doing in the library so late at night.

Wednesday tells the reason for coming here, and Wednesday also learns that a normie was killed there, after which the Nightshades were closed, but it is turned back on because of Bianca’s family. She takes the library book and goes to her room, where she folds the torn paper and sees a photo of a man, after which her confusion increases further.

Now she finds out about the man beside herself. There is a day in Nevermore School when all the children of the school meet and help people outside the school. The reason for doing this is to connect the normal people with the outcast people so that the hatred between the two can be reduced a bit. This day is celebrated as Outreach Day. On this day, all the children of Nevermore are given different tasks, in which they get to play the cello on Wednesday.

All the prominent people of the city used to come to this place, among which the mayor and the sheriff were also there. There, Wednesday learns from Tyler that the man whose photo is in his book was Joseph Crackstone. Josef Crackstone is the same man who founded this city; because of this, the pure people liked him very much, and on his death anniversary, they also made a giant wax statue of him. While there, Wednesday sees the mayor’s son and his two friends harassing Eugene.

Wednesday goes there to save Eugene and also kills the mayor’s son. A lady is appointed to guide all the children there. That lady explains to all the children that there is a meeting room in which construction is going on, so no one will go to that room. But as usual, Wednesday feels there is something these people are hiding. She then goes to the meeting room with the help of Eugene, where she learns that it is a fake meeting room. Afterward, she goes to Tyler, where Tyler tells her he knows where the actual meeting room is. After Wednesday discovers the meeting room, she goes there but finds the entire place in ruins. Wednesday finds nothing and is suddenly transported to the past as she opens the door to exit. She goes back 400 years and sees many outcasts locked in a room. There is also that girl who used to repeatedly come into Wednesday’s vision.

That girl’s name is Goody Adam, and she is the ancestor of the Adam family. At the same time, Joseph Crackstone is shown along with his men about to burn all the outcasts by locking them in a room. Crackstone does this because he is an average human, and he wants to kill the outcasts, i.e., those who have power, and he does so. He locks all the Outcasts in a room and burns them.

Goody Adam, who is locked in the room, is thrown out of the room by his parents, and all the other outcasts are burnt to death there. Goody, Adam runs away from there and suddenly comes to Wednesday and says that Crackstone will come back and kill everyone; now you can save everyone. As soon as you say this, Wednesday comes to your senses. As soon as she regains consciousness, she hears the monster’s voice, and as soon as she looks out of the room, the monster is standing in front of her.

She chases after the monster and follows his footprints in the rain, where she learns that Hyde transforms from monster to man. After coming from there, she reaches the function where Crackstone’s statue is about to be inaugurated. Wednesday mixes petrol in water and blasts it at the place, and it gets completely engulfed in fire. Crackstone’s statue, which is made of wax, melts badly. Everyone starts running from there, but Wednesday sits there and plays the cello.

From his antics, the principal learns that all this has been done by Wednesday, after which he is called to the principal’s office. There, Wednesday tells the principal what kind of person Crackstone was. But the principal disagrees with her and says that because of one mistake of yours, it has become difficult for us outcasts to get out.

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