What Happened In Loki 2 EP 3 Recap

What Happened In Loki 2 EP 3 Recap
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What Happened In Loki 2 EP 3 Recap

Loki Season 2 Episode 2 begins in 1868 Chicago in a town called Illinois where Rovona is shown.  Rovona goes to the Sacred Timeline of 1868 at the request of Miss Minutes because she also wants to know everything about TVA. When Rovona reaches Chicago, she has a little doubt whether she has come to the right place or not, but as soon as  There Rovona sees Miss Minutes, so she asks Miss Minutes what they both are doing here, after which Miss Minutes asks Rovona, have you brought what you were asked to bring?  Rovona answers yes.  Actually this is a guide book of TVA which has been written by Oroborous and it contains all the information related to TVA.

This is all He Who Remains’ plan, when He Who Remains learns that Loki and Sylvie will come to kill him and he will kill him, so he has already trained a version of his childhood, Victor Timely, as a TVA guide.  Book is given in advance so that later he can build TVA and understand all the knowledge and technology that is used in TVA.

When Rovona goes to Miss Minute’s house and secretly puts the book away, a version of He Who Remains is shown there, much younger and working on building a temporal loom.  This is the variant of He who Remains, Victor Timely, who later becomes a great scientist.

On the other hand, in TVA, Ouroborus is shown trying to save TVA because too many branches are forming on the Temporal Loom, however, the Temporal Loom is not designed to handle so many branches, which is why it falls on top of it.  The load is increasing and the increase in load on the temporal loom will first destroy the TVA and then this entire timeline and then the entire universe will be in danger.

Loki and Mobius go to 1868 to find Rovona and Miss Minutes as it happens to be the last location of Rovona’s Tempad.  When Loki and Mobius find nothing at this place, they both go back to 1893 and this is a branch timeline.  When both of them reach Chicago, Mobius and Loki have a lot of trouble finding Rovona and Miss Minutes, but when they come to know about the horror happening in the name of a ghostly clock on a paper, then both of them understand that  This is the work of Miss Minutes and then both of them see a poster where there is the name of Victor Timely and one of his experiments whose name is Temporal Marvel, on seeing this Loki understands that Rovona will be found at this place.

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When Loki and Mobius go to that place, they see Rovona there and Mobius goes to capture Rovona but Loki forbids him and then Victor Timely enters there.  This scene is the best scene of this episode, the way the character of Victor Timely has been played is praiseworthy.  Victor Timely tells people about his temporal loom and makes them understand that time can be controlled.  When Victor timely leaves after the experiment is over, Rovona stops him and tells him that there is something to discuss about your future.

Rovona and Victor Timely are talking to each other when some people from the audience come and talk to Victor about buying his experiment and everyone starts arguing among themselves.  Loki comes there and uses his magic to lock a man in a cage and goes back to Victor Timely where Rovona is already there and all four of them talk among themselves that the one from the audience who bought his experiment has something in it.  A problem occurs and his men start capturing Victor Timely and Victor starts running away.  He runs to escape from the people and Loki catches him and before he can talk to him, Sylvie arrives and she goes to kill Victor because she knows that Victor will later become He Who Remains.

Here Loki and Sylvie begin to fight each other as Loki wants to save Victor as he is the only man who can save the TVA.  When Loki and Sylvie start fighting, Rovona takes advantage of this and runs away with Victor.  Rovona tells Victor all about how she gave him the TVA guide book as a child and how He Who Remains wants him to stay alive.  When Victor and Rovona are talking to each other, Rovona talks about a partnership with Victor, which angers Victor, and while Rovona is sleeping, Victor and Miss Minettes secretly put her in a live boat and take her away from the ship.  Let’s throw it down.

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Now Victor and Miss Minutes start talking to each other and Miss Minutes tells him everything and while talking she starts flirting with Victor due to which Victor shuts her down and then Rovona comes there and tries to kill Victor.  As it happens, Loki and Mobius also come there and both of them try to convince Rovona but Rovona is very angry and is about to kill Victor, then Sylvie comes there and goes to kill Victor but she thinks that  She stops thinking that she has not made any mistake yet.  It is not a good thing to punish someone without any mistake.  Loki and Mobius also convince Sylvie so that Sylvie does not kill Victor.

Loki and Mobius then take Victor to the TVA and Sylvie gets a good opportunity to take revenge on Rovona.  Sylvie sends Rovona to the end of time with the help of the Time Door, where she killed He who Remains and He who Remains’ body is still rotting there.

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