What Happened in Loki Season 2 Episode 4

What Happened in Loki Season 2 Episode 4
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What Happened in Loki Season 2 Episode 4, Recap :

Loki Season 2 Episode 4 “Heart of the TVA” begins at the end of time where Sylvie has sent Rovona to the end of time with the help of the TimeDoor. Rovona arrives at the end of time where she finds the body of He Who Remains still rotting at the site where Sylvie killed her. Miss Minutes also goes to that place with Rovona. Miss Minutes first apologizes to Rovona because she, along with Victory Timely, left Rovona to die alone in the ocean.

Miss Minutes shows Rovona some videos about her past and tells her that she has known He Who Remains for a long time and that till now He Who Remains has won the battles and the commander of all of them is none other than Rovona. But Rovona does not remember all this because He Who Remains erases the memories of everyone living in tva.

The story shifts to TVA where Victor Timely is shown who is very scared after going to TVA, then Mobius and Loki shape him and understand that it is you who has created all this and if you do not help us at this time. If you do, all this will be destroyed. Loki and Mobius Victor. B. Where Oroborous tells Victor that he has learned all this from a scientist named Victor Timely and when Oroborous realizes that he is talking to Victor Timely, he becomes very happy and He asks Victor for his autograph, after which Victor also tells him that he learned all this from a scientist named Oroborous. It is because of each other’s knowledge that both of them have become such great scientists today.

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All these people now come together and make a plan on how to stop this loom from exploding, after which Oroborous tells them a plan that they will have to take the ThroughputMultiplier through the passage to the launcher and go there and press the green button on this launcher. You will have to fire the launcher by pressing it, so that the Throughput Multiplier will connect to that Loom and its load will help in working.

On one hand, these people are making a plan to save TVA from being destroyed and on the other hand, General Dox and X-5 are imprisoned in a room and talking to each other, where Asks to leave after which Dox gets angry at him and he becomes silent.

After a while, Rovona goes there with the help of Timedoor and offers everyone there to join her, after which Dox does not listen to her, due to which Rovona gets angry and kills everyone there. And includes X-5 in her team.

At the behest of Rovona, Miss Minutes starts hacking TVA’s system and within no time takes control over everything. When Victor goes to get coffee, the security guard accompanying him kills him with an x-5 and takes him to Rovona.

When Oroborous comes to know about all this, he shuts down Miss Minutes and now magic also starts working in TVA.

And this is the time when Loki of the past accidentally goes to the future by time sleeping where he sees Sylvie, then that is the time and as soon as Loki meets Sylvie, the present Loki prostrates him. and along with Sylvie, destroys Rovona by controlling X-5’s mind.

Now Victor is prepared to install the Throughput Multiplier in the launcher and as soon as he comes out of the TVA, he dies immediately due to radiation and within a short time the loom explodes, after which Loki and Sylvie and Everyone present there has tears in their eyes because now there is no other way left to get out of there. This web series ends here.

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