What Happened in Reacher 2 Episode 5?

What Happened in Reacher 2 Episode 5?
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Episode 5 of Reacher 2 proved to be a very important episode for the entire series because it gives some hints that are breaking Reacher’s expectations. Reacher never doubted anything about the group he created, but now he has to face Swan. One after another, evidence is found against him, due to which he is forced to suspect Swan even though he does not want to.
Many new things related to new-age technology are also revealed in this episode. Some attacks are also carried out on Reacher and his team, out of which Reacher catches one and interrogates him as to who sent him here, after which he takes the name of Hitman Swan.

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What Happened in Reacher 2 Episode 5, Recap

The episode begins at David O’Donnell’s house, where David and Reacher are planning to send David’s wife and his children away; in fact, the danger increases so much that now David’s family is also in danger. She has already arrived, which is why they are sending David’s wife and children somewhere far away.

Dixon and Neagley go to New Age Technology under the pretext of getting some inspection reports so that they can intercept a truck loaded with missiles.
When Dixon inquires there, she learns that the truck left the company some time ago.
The one who is carrying all the missiles in the truck sees another truck parked in front of him, and he stops his truck, after which some people come from there who are AM’s men; they kill the driver and take all the missiles to their truck.

They shift to AM and prepare to leave, but Dixon and Neagley follow them, and as soon as they reach the truck, AM’s men attack them with guns on Dixon and Neagley. They hide in the car, due to which a man takes the opportunity and drives away with a truck, and by the time Dixon and Neagley get out of the car and kill everyone, the man drives away with the truck.
Dixon and Neagely find some documents there that have Swan’s signature on them, and they both tell Reacher all this, but he is still not ready to misunderstand Swan.

Actually, Swan does a favor for Reacher. When Reacher and his team are on a mission to investigate some drugs, Reacher and Swan meet the drug sellers, where a man looks at Swan and says that you have met me earlier, also in the drug trade, but you were in an army shuit. On hearing this, Reacher and his team get suspicious, but at the bottom, the drug dealers have understood that both of them are army personnel. Then a fight starts there, and a man shoots at Reacher, but before that, Swan eats that bullet on himself, and in this way, Swan saved Reacher’s life, due to which Reacher even after getting so much evidence. Does not doubt Swan.

Reacher and his team go to Franz’s funeral, where Russo is also there, and he is giving some gifts to Franz’s child, which Reacher does not like at all, and he tells Russo to stay away from Franz’s child and his wife. Speaks.
Russo tells Reacher some important details that are connected to New Age technology, and Swan and Russo tell Reacher that he was just loving his child and had nothing to do with Franz’s wife.

All this is going on at the funeral when two hitmen come there and start opening fire to kill Reacher and his team. Before anything could happen to anyone, Reacher sees both of them and starts chasing them. During the chase, one hitman is killed and the other one is caught alive by Reacher, and after asking him, the hitman tells him that he has been arrested by someone named Swan. The man had been sent here to kill everyone.

After hearing all this, Reacher does not believe it and tells the hitman to go to the person who sent you here and tell him that the work is done and take payment from him. If you go to take payment, we will interrogate you, go to the person who sent you here, and then arrest him and release you.

The hitman does the same and goes to the location where he has been called for payment. Reacher and his team are also following him from a distance and sending him to the house where the hitman is called. And as soon as he goes into that house, the whole house explodes. This episode ends here.

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