What Happened in Reacher Season 2 Episode 3

Reacher Season 2 Episode 3 Recap
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What Happened in Reacher Season 2 Episode 3: Reacher Season 2 Episode 3 begins 10 days in the past, when two of Shane Langston’s (Robert Patrick) men are brutally beating Franze. Both of Shane Langston’s men want to ask the man something, but he does not tell anything, after which Shane Langston and his men take him to a helicopter and throw him down from there, and this is the same scene from where Season 2 started. Before dying, Calvin Franz tells Shane Langston that Big Guy will not leave you alive.

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The story is now shown in the present, where Reacher goes to a shop to buy guns, but due to the terms and conditions, he does not buy guns; rather, he makes the shopkeeper his friend, and there is a rule that you can give your gun to a friend. Reacher takes guns on rent. After which, Reacher leaves from there with guns. When Reacher is giving guns to his team members, David O’Donnell tells Reacher that he has to use his gun, after which Reacher understands that if you use your gun, you will be put in jail. Reacher and his team are talking among themselves about Swan when suddenly the police come behind them, and this police is none other than Russo, whose nose was broken by Reacher. Russo arrests Richer from there and takes him to an isolated location for investigation.

When Reacher is arrested, David O’Donnell accompanies him as a lawyer, and Russo, Reacher, and David O’Donnell talk about how Russo found Reacher. Later in the episode, Frances Neagley and Dixon visit the New Age Company, where they meet Marlo Burns, New Age’s Director of Operations. Marlo asks both of them that private investigators have come to our place for the first time, is everything alright, to which Frances Neagley replies that 3 people from her group have lost their lives and one is missing, so something is not right.

Frances Neagley gives Marlo a parking pass that belongs to the New Age Company, and that parking pass is owned by the same man who was killed by Dixon and Reacher a few days ago. Marlo takes the parking pass from Frances and says, “I will tell you whatever I find out.”

The episode further shows Reacher, where Russo takes him into a room with David O’Donnell and the three of them argue, after which it is revealed that Russo is also investigating the murders. Reacher and his team are searching for. When David O’Donnell asks Russo why he was following Reacher, Russo tells him that when he checked Calvin Franz’s call history, he had called everyone, but Reacher did not call even once, due to which he became suspicious of Reacher and started chasing Reacher.

Reacher tells Russo that he doesn’t have a phone, so Calvin Franz never called him. The scene shifts to Dixon and Frances Neagley, where Marlo tells them that this parking slot was booked for a man named Trevor Saropian, who does not work here but came for an interview, but we didn’t hire him because we don’t need him. Marlo also gives them Trevor Saropian’s address, after which Dixon and Frances Neagley leave.

Reacher, David O’Donnell, and Russo talk a lot among themselves and share much information related to this case with each other. When Russo tells them that he has found out a name for someone who could be behind all this, that man is none other than A.M. (Azhari Mahmoud), who keeps making IDs under different names and about whom no one has any information nor does anyone have his photo. He is an arms broker who is associated with many terrorist organizations.

When Russo and his team put the list of names Reacher had obtained from Calvin Franz’s drive into their system, a man with the same name, Alexander, booked a flight from Denver to JFK. And it is none other than A.M. When A.M. goes to the airport to take a flight, he suspects that some policemen are after him, due to which he does not take the flight and runs away from there.

Reacher and his team now plan to go to the house of Travor, in whose car the parking pass was found. Reacher and his team go to Travor’s house, where a lot of local goons live, whom Reacher kills. A man is watching all this from outside, and as soon as Reacher comes out, the man starts running away with his car. Reacher somehow catches him, but before Reacher can ask him anything, he dies of a heart attack. A note found in the dead man’s pocket reveals that he is a member of the New Age Company.

Reacher and his team enter the New Age company and steal some things from there. They try to find out about that company, and they also succeed. These people have stolen some drives and files from there and taken a group photo in which they see the photo of Swan who is standing next to Shane Langston and taking the photo.
Apart from Reacher, all the members of this team now start doubting Swan, and with this, the episode ends.

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