What Happened in Reacher Season 2 Episode 4

Reacher Season 2 Episode 4 Recap
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What Happened in Reacher Season 2 Episode 4: Reacher Season 2 episode 4 starts in a restaurant where Reacher and his team are discussing all the files that they have stolen from New Age Technology. When Reacher is stealing goods from New Age Technology, he finds a photo in which all the people of the company are in a group photo, and in the same photo, Swan is also there, and he is standing next to Shane Langston.

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Now everyone in Reacher’s group starts doubting Tony Swan, but Reacher makes everyone understand that Swan cannot betray us because he was on our own team. But David O’Donnell is suspicious of him and also says that three special investigators on our team are dead and the fourth investigator is absconding, so there is reason to doubt Swan.

After much debate among themselves, they found Swan’s name in the company’s employee directory, and Swan worked as an SA Assistant Director of Security at New Age Technology. Everyone argues among themselves a lot because, apart from Reacher, no one else is ready to accept that Swan is not betraying. Now Reacher and his team think of interrogating each employee of New Age Technology.

It is further shown in the episode that Russo’s boss is abusing him because he has hidden some things somewhere to save Reacher and his team, due to which he is not able to take any action against them, and this is the reason Russo’s boss is yelling at him.

On the other hand, Reacher and his team are searching for all the details of New Age Technology when they get some mail from Marlo and Swan, which gives them some clues. Actually, his emails are like idioms, and such words were used, which Tony Swan did not like at all. In his mail, he receives a contract named Little Wing, which is the biggest contract for New Age Technology to date.

Amidst all this, he comes across the name of Malcolm Lavoy, who is known for his dirty deeds, and wherever he gets a benefit, he goes there. Malcolm Lavoy is a senator who works for the very rich. Now David O’Donnell plans to blackmail her to find out the truth. Reacher and Frances Neagley once again start arguing among themselves about whether Swan is right or wrong,but Reacher again refuses him and says that Swan can never betray.

After this, the story goes to a flashback where all the members of 110th are working on a case, and they get some packets of drugs from there, about which they are discussing among themselves. Then a senior there asks,How much will these 48 bricks cost? Frances Neagley says 48, not 47; one brick is missing.

These bricks are of heroin, and when these people bring it from there, there are 48 bricks, and after coming here, it becomes 47 bricks, due to which everyone has a little doubt, and when everyone goes and finds a big check of Tony Swan, when these bricks were brought, a brick was found under the seat, which made Frances Neagley suspicious of Swan, but she did not say anything.

The episode further shows AM going after a doctor, killing him, and taking his place himself because he wants to get out of Denver somehow, and now he runs out of the doctor’s ID.

Reacher and his team now discover some details about Malcolm Lavoy, and at the same time, Dixon and Frances Neagley want to go to Marlo’s house and investigate. Reacher and David O’Donnell once again go to the same drug dealer to beat him and take some money from him, and both of them do the same.

When Frances Neagley and Dixon arrive at Marlo’s house, they find the cave completely empty, along with some jewelry and some money. After not finding anything at Marlo’s house, these people go after Malcolm Lavoy and send Dixon to Malcolm Lavoy so that Dixon can trap her in his love and take her somewhere else. Dixon goes to Malcolm Lavoy and seduces him, takes him away in a car, and gives him some drugs. As soon as he takes the drugs, the police arrive, and this also happens with Dixon and Reacher.

After interrogating Malcolm Lavoy, it is revealed that Little Wing is the code name of a new-age technology that produces many dangerous missiles that will shoot down anything in the sky from the ground. And Malcolm Lavoy also says that New Age Technology has two bases, one in which software is made and the other in hardware. After interrogating Malcolm Lavoy, Reacher and his team go out to eat, and as soon as they reach a restaurant, some goons come there with bikes and try to kill Reacher and his team, but Reacher and his team kill everyone. The goons get a call from Langston, and he offers Reacher to get whatever he wants, to which Reacher replies, “I want to throw you out of a helicopter.” With this line, episode 4, “A Night at the Symphony,” ends.

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