When is ant man 3 coming to Disney plus

When is ant man 3 coming to Disney plus
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When is Ant-man 3 coming to Disney Plus: Ant man 3 is an action-adventure drama movie, the third film in its ant man series. His movie earned a lot at the box office, but it did not get as good a response as the movies of MCU. Now it remains to be seen whether this movie can run on OTT. The Ant-man 3 movie will be released on Disney+ Hotstar on May 17, 2023.

Warning: This post may contain spoilers related to the movie Ant man 3.

How many post-credits in ant man 3

At the end of this movie, we are shown two post-credit scenes. Talking about the mid-credits scene, we are shown many variants of Kang in which everyone shouts joyfully and sees each other. At the same time, we are shown three different Kangs, out of which one Kang will be Immortal, which will be the most powerful. In its end post-credits scene, Loki and Möbius are shown, and a variant of Kang named Victor Timely. Who is a variant of Kang from the future, who comes to the past, rules the whole world with his technology, and earns a lot of money?

Who plays MODOK in ant man 3?

Corey Stoll plays MODOK in the movie Ant man 3. He played the villain role in the first part of the ant man movie, who gets trapped in the quantum realm during the fight with Antman, after which Darren Cross is rebuilt by Kang, who gets the name MODOK.

How to watch ant-man 3

We can enjoy Ant man 3 movie after its Ott release. This movie will be released on Disney + Hostar on May 17, which we can enjoy easily from home.

Ant man 3 Storyline

At the beginning of Antman, we are shown the Quantum Realm, where Janet is trapped for several years. She shrinks herself so much during a fight that she becomes trapped in the Quantum Realm. Quantum real is a world entirely different from our world, where the rules of time and space do not work. Janet has been trapped in the quantum realm for almost 30 years. There it is, searching for something when suddenly, some strange animals of the quantum realm attack it. She kills some people quickly, but in no time, many animals come there and are about to kill her when Kang arrives.

The story moves from there to the present, where we are shown Scott Land and his family. Ever since he saved the world by teaming up with the Avengers, all the problems in his life have gone away. Now people respect him and take selfies with him. Everything is going well in his life, but one day, he gets a call from the police station informing him that his daughter Cassie Lang is locked up in jail.

He goes to the police station and gets her released from there. On the way, both of them have a lot of arguments because Scott Lang does not want his daughter to do such wrong things; in fact, the police lock Scott Lang’s daughter in jail for making the police car smaller with the help of Pym particles. After this, everyone reaches Hank’s house, where Hank tells everyone that if the PIM particle gets into the hands of the wrong person, he can misuse it. 

Cassy tells everyone there that she is also researching the quantum realm. She has made a device that could directly contact the quantum real. These people send signals in the quantum reality, seeing which Janet believes everyone and asks to stop the machine, but by then, it is too late, and this machine pulls everyone towards itself. Now all of them have gone to the quantum realm, where their location differs. Scott Land and his daughter Cassie Land are on location together, as are his wife and daughter Hope. As soon as they reach there, Scott Land and his daughter are captured by the people of Quantum Real Civilization. On the other hand, Janet, who had already lived there for 30 years, knows everything about the people there. 

Janet goes to an old friend and asks for help finding them all. Janet is very scared about Scott and Cassie when looking for them. Her daughter Hope asks her why she is so upset, but her mother, Janet, does not say anything to her daughter Hope. Elsewhere, Scott and his daughter Jo are held captive and slowly begin to resemble the people of the quantum realm. In a short while, the head of that civilization, Xendora, arrives there. She tells Scott Land and his daughter that where you came from is also from there, and if he finds out you are here, he will kill all of us. In no time, Kang’s men arrive there and attack them all. 

The one who is attacked there is named MODAK, who is the villain of the Ant-man movie. The story further shows Janet telling her husband and daughter about what happened when she was trapped there for 30 years. Janet reveals that she is not the only one trapped in the Quantum Realm but another one trapped here named Kang. 

Kang has such a technology through which he can travel anywhere, anytime; for him, time travel and going from one dimension to another is prevalent. But the core of his machine is damaged, which needs to be recharged, without which his machine is useless. Kang and Janet recharge the core several months later, giving Kang his full powers as his machine connects to his mind. Janet learns the truth about Kang as soon as her ship touches down. 

She enlarges his ship’s core with the help of the PIM particle, after which Kang is trapped in the quantum realm forever. In the story, it is shown that Scott Land and his daughter Cassie are taken to MODAK Kang, whom Kang himself has come to meet and says that he wants his core back, which Janet had made huge with the help of PIM particles. He threatens to kill Scott’s daughter and asks Scott to do the job, and Scott agrees. He goes to the place where the core is. 

He shortens that core with great difficulty but wants to avoid giving that core back to Kang. After this, Scott Land and his family fight with Kang and his men, and in the meantime, Hank’s ants help Hank, after which everyone can defeat Kang.

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