Who Will Play Kang After Jonathan Majors?

Who Will Play Kang After Jonathan Majors?
Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Jonathan Majors is a very famous actor, but his time has not been going well for the last few days. Jonathan Majors started getting liked a lot after two big Marvel projects, out of which he was first seen in the role of Kang in Antman 3 in Marvel and then in the character of He Who Remains in Season 2 of Loki.

There were some cases going on against him, out of which four charges were imposed on him and out of which he was found guilty on two charges. Immediately after the court’s decision, Marvel dropped Jonathan Majors from its upcoming films. Well, before this, two big projects of Marvel had worked, and in some of the upcoming big projects of Marvel, Jonathan Majors could have played a big role, which has now been canceled by Marvel.

The biggest reason behind Jonathan’s removal from this project was that a movie named The Avengers: Kang Dynasty was going to be released in the upcoming Phase 5 and Phase 6 of the MCU in which Jonathan was going to have a big role, but since Jonathan was involved in a case in Found Guilty, this project has been put on hold for now.

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Now MCU has two options: to hire another actor for the role of Kang or to introduce another big villain in the upcoming movies of MCU. One of the big villains of MCUs is Doctor Doom, on whom the upcoming movies can now be shifted or the actor of Kang the Conqueror can be changed to someone else.

Below are the name of three actors who could be perfect for the role of Kang-

1: David Oyelowe

There is no doubt that David Oyelowe is a great actor, and looking at his recent acting skills, it seems that he is perfect for the role of Kang. Seeing his acting in his recent series Lawmen, it seems that he can be the best for the role of Kang. For now, it is not possible for him to play the role of Kang because he is busy doing some series.

2: Aldis Hodge

Aldis Hodge is also a good actor and was seen in the recently released Black Adam, a DC movie. His personality is such that he suits the roles of both superhero and supervillain, and I think he will be perfect for the role of Knag because he is a very good actor. It is a different matter that his first superhero movies were few. He could not do many wonders and was not appreciated that much, but there is no doubt that he is a very great actor.

3: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is also a very good actor and has worked in very good movies, and looking at his skills, it seems that he would be perfect for the role of a Kang. Now he has gotten a lot of attention for his recently released Lost series. He has been liked, and he is also a good actor, so he can be a good option for the role of Kang.

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