Iron Man Movie Full Story Recap

Iron Man Movie Recap
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Iron Man is an American superhero movie released in 2008. This movie is based on Marvel Comics and is the first movie of its MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). The characters in this movie are Robert Downey Jr As Tony Stark / Iron Man. This movie comes in the list of top films 2008, which created many records. This movie was released on 14 April 2008 with a running time of 126 minutes. The budget of this movie was around 135 million dollars, and this movie did a worldwide business of 585 million dollars.

This story is about Tony Stark, a businessman working to make weapons for America. In connection with testing and selling such weapons, he goes to Afghanistan, where he is attacked, in which Tony Stark gets hurt a lot and becomes unconscious. When he regains consciousness, he sees many people around him who have kidnapped him. Ten Rings, a terrorist group there, kidnap Tony Stark. Abu Bakar, the leader of the Ten Rings group, tells Tony Stark to make a Jerico missile for him too. Otherwise, he will kill him.


The story’s beginning shows us a province area of Afghanistan where US Army men are waiting for an arms dealer. This arms dealer is none other than our very own Tony Stark, a businessman, scientist and the owner of Stark Industries. Tony Stark Here, the US Army sees a showdown of a missile made by Tony Stark. This missile is potent whose name is Jarico. This missile is so powerful that it can destroy any country very quickly.

Tony Stark also shows a small demo of Jarico to the US Army there. At the same time, we learn about Obadiah Stane, from whom Tony Stark is talking on the call, and Tony tells Obadiah Stane that this deal will take us far ahead. After completing the contract with the US Army, Tony is returning when he is attacked. The soldiers present there try to save Tony Stark, but they fail. Tony Stark gets out of the car to escape, and he sees that the weapons being attacked are made by Stark Industries. A rocket he made falls in front of him and explodes, after which Tony Stark becomes unconscious.

The story shifts to a day earlier, where we see that Tony Stark being given the award for Best Arms Dealer, but he is not there, causing Tony Stark’s friend Obadiah Stane to take the award.
Tony Stark does not come to receive the award as he is gambling with some girls in a casino where Rhodey comes and gives Tony Stark the award, but Tony refuses to accept it. There are also some members of the press, in which one of the girls asks Tony Stark if the weapons made by him can harm people, to which Tony Stark replies that if someday the world war starts, it will be for our protection. Weapons will come in handy. Tony Stark talks more with the girl, after which Tony takes the journalist to his house and spends the night with her.

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In the morning, Tony Stark’s assistant Pepper Potts wakes him up and tells him you have a significant deal in Afghanistan, after which Tony leaves Afghanistan on a private plane.
Now the movie is shown in the present day, where Tony Stark is badly injured and has a wire coming out of his chest, which is connected to a battery. There he is shown a man named Ho Yinsen, who tells him that when you were attacked, small parts of a missile had gone inside his chest at that time to avoid reaching his heart. I created an electromagnetic field to keep those fragments from entering your heart. Both of them are telling each other that Abu Bakaar, the leader of that Terrestrial group, comes there and asks Tony Stark to make the Jerico missile. Tony Stark refuses Abu Bakaar and says he will not make such missiles for terrorists like you.

Abu Bakar keeps Tony Stark in a cave. Abu Bakar takes Tony Stark outside and shows that we have all the weapons made by your industry, which we get at very high prices, so now you make us Jerico missiles. Tony Stark now comes back to the cave and asks Yinsen for a way out, after which Yinsen says that it is a mountainous area where it is impossible to go out, neither your US army can reach here nor No security department because members of Ten Rings are guarding this place. Now Tony Stark and Yinsen plan to get out of that cave. They both make Arc Reactor at this place which will help in keeping Tony Stark alive and will be able to store any energy for a long time.

They both plan to make a suit over there and succeed in it. Before both of them can escape, Ten Rings comes to know about their plan, after which they come to kill them both. It takes some time for the suit to be ready, so Yinsen tells Tony Stark to prepare the suit, I will stop these terrorists. Tony Stark prepares to wear the suit when the Ten Rings kill Yinsen. Tony Stark manages to escape from there with the help of his suit, Mark 1, from where the people of the US Army rescue him. Everyone welcomes him as soon as he reaches home. He talks to his bodyguard, Happy to hold a press conference. Many journalists attended that press conference, and everyone asked him many questions.

Later, he made a considerable disclosure to everyone that the attack on him was made by the weapons he made because he is no longer a person. I will also not do arm dealing. He also allows his Stark Industries to turn into weapons. There, Tony Stark’s father’s friend Obadiah Stane interrupts him and says that Tony Stark’s mental balance has deteriorated a bit after the attack in Afghanistan. That’s why Tony is talking such nonsense. After the press conference, Obadiah Stane asks Tony Stark why you are doing this and what happened to him in Afghanistan; Tony Stark tells everything about Obadiah Stane and how he made this Iron suit, which gets energy from an Arc reactor.

After all the talk is over there, Tony starts rebuilding his arc reactor, which can provide more power to the suit, and he has also made a bullet named Mark 2. Now he flies above with the help of Tony’s suit for the testing of Mark 2, and to know his power, he uses his full power, which makes him go very high, after which his suit starts cooling down and only a little. Ironically, the bullet goes off, and Tony Stark starts falling. After a while, he is about to hit the ground when he regains consciousness and saves his life by switching the suit back on. From the incident with Tony Stark today, he has understood one thing: if he wants to fly very high, he will have to change the body of the iron suit. Tony Stark modifies the iron suit, adds gold and titanium to it, and creates a new suit.

It is further shown in the movie that Tony Stark goes to a party where he meets the same journalist who interviewed Tony a few days ago. She tells Tony Stark that a village named Gulmira is testing the Jerico missile. After this, Tony Stark understands that Obadiah is behind this. He now creates a new suit which has many advanced techniques. Tony Stark travels to the village of Gulmira in Afghanistan, where he kills all the terrorists and destroys the Jerico missile. When Obadiah learns of all this, he meets the Ten Rings and asks them; they tell him that Tony Stark has caused this catastrophe and now he will kill him too. The wreckage of Mark 1 is lying near the Ten Rings, which Obadiah takes and goes to make a new suit.

He tries a lot but doesn’t know how to make Arc Reactor, after which he steals Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor by making him unconscious and puts it in Mark 1. Tony Stark starts dying due to the absence of the arc reactor; only then he remembers that Pepper Potts has kept his Mark 1 arc reactor in his room. Tony Stark somehow manages to reach there, injects the arc reactor into his chest and goes to kill Obadiah. When he goes to Obadiah, he sees that he has made a new suit called an ironmonger, which is more powerful than the iron suit. Then there is a fight in those days, and Tony takes him to the height of the sky where Iron Monger freezes in ice, and his system stops working, but after a while, it turns back on, and he attacks Tony very loudly. Attacks due to which both of them fall on the same roof, under which there is an Arc Reactor. At Tony Stark’s behest, Pepper Potts activates the arc, draining all of its energy into Obadiah’s suit, and he dies. After all these incidents, Tony holds a press conference to reveal his identity that I am Iron Man.

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